Learning Together at Home 10/06/21

Thursday 10th June 2021

Good Morning Lovely Lions,

I hope you are having a lovely week so far!

Today we will have a whole class meeting at 11am. Today we will be doing Dictation together. Please have a pencil and a piece of paper with 10 bullet points and a space at the bottom for a sentence.

Please share your learning on the Learning Journals! I love seeing what you are getting up to at home. Feel free to ask any questions on the learning journals or via email, I am more than happy to help with anything.

Thank you all for your support,

Miss McGillivray

Here are today’s learning tasks:



Today we will be focussing on our creative thinking skills.


  1. Read your story forwards and then read it backwards. If there is any words you cannot sound out, have a go at writing it a few times. Say and point to the word in your book.
  2. What do you think might happen next? Imagine your story doesn’t finish where it does! Complete this worksheet below continuing on your story.


Today we will be doing our Dictation task. We will do this live in the class meeting. If you cannot join here are the words and sentence for the week. Read the words one at a time to your child, let them write themselves independently. Try to not offer too much support as this will show which sounds still need revised.

On a piece of paper – put 10 bullet points on it, to indicate to your child where to write the word. Leave a space at the bottom for a sentence.


  1. lisp
  2. park
  3. surf
  4. text
  5. kept
  6. help
  7. held
  8. milk
  9. film
  10. should (tricky word)


The big dog barked at the park in the film.

I sent a text to my mum.

Tricky Words:

Attached below are the tricky word powerpoints we use in school. Ask your child to say the words quickly. They should be able to read these words from sight memory as we cannot sound them out. We have looked at all of the Block 3 words now, however, these still need some revision.

As an extra challenge ask your child to write some tricky words from memory. Please continue to practice these – especially Block 3! However it is good to go over block 1 and 2 daily!



Please watch some of the class’ favourite Subitize videos. These help with basic counting, recognising patterns of number and mental addition.

Today’s Focus:

We are going to finish our Fractions topic today. Today we will be introducing Quarters as an extra challenge. Please do not feel you have to introduce this new learning to your child, it is okay to go back and keep focussing on halves and wholes!


  1. Watch the videos below.
  2. Have a go at making halves and quarters. Can you cut a sandwich in half/quarter? Can you fold a piece of paper in half/quarters? Can you split a group of pens in half/quarters? Think of as many creative ways to explore halves and quarters that you can!
  3. Complete one of the worksheets below. Choose the level best for your child.


Here is a song for you to sing with Mrs Cross.

How many more words can you think of which would fit into the song ?

Can you find out what Mariposa means ?


Thursday is PE day

If you can, take time to get some exercise in the fresh air.

You could also join in with this yoga adventure.