P1 Tigers Reflective Friday. 18th June 2021

Good morning!

It has been wonderful to be back to school this week. We were all delighted to see each other and learn together.

This week has been a very busy week and lot of learning has been going on.


The sounds that we have been working on this week are sp, xt and rm ( final consonant blends). Our tricky words were: why, where and what.

At writing we have been working on our P1 experiences.

Home learning ideas

  • Continue to practice the sounds that we have worked on so far.
  • Please read your online reading book at home (details on the e-journals)


We have continued to work on fractions (1/2 and 1/4)

Home learning ideas

  • Practice sharing equally, making halves and quarters. You could try this with food!

Other areas

We have continued with our Polly Jean topic: we have learned about animals and countries. Ask your child which animals we have been learning about and with a map you could talk about the world continents.

At PE we made our own games using equipment and we did some dancing.

We have learned about Andy Warhol and Pop Art.

Independent Learning

We are making a ramp!


  • All children took home their reports on Wednesday with evidence of their set targets at the beginning of the term. The literacy and numeracy comments were also uploaded on the e-journals on Wednesday 16th.
  • On Thursday, weather permitting, we will be going to the woods. Please dress your child appropriately.

Have a wonderful weekend!

…And a lovely Father’s Day ( here is a lovely card…we are keeping the author as a secret as we don’t want to spoil this lovely surprise!)

Mrs Cross and Mrs de Bonrostro