P2/3 Golden Treasures Week Beginning 14th June

It has been so nice seeing the girls and boys back in school this week- we really missed them! We have been very proud of how well they have settled back in again!

Please can you bring in a carrier bag on Monday if possible, so that we can start to send learning home next week. Thank you!

Another busy week in school…here’s what we’ve been learning:


  • Spelling: this week we practised our spelling words in a variety of ways.
  • Team Jewel- working on the oi sound (soil, oil, point etc)
  • Team Gold and Team Treasure- continuing our work on adding ‘ed’ endings where it makes a ‘t’ sound (asked, bumped, baked, wrapped etc).
  • Reading- reading for information from fact books and creating fact files using what we read.
  • Handwriting– practising formation, focusing on the correct height of letters, continuing to join script.

At home ideas:

  • Have a look for fact books at home and create your own fact file about a topic of your choice.


  • Continuing our work on fractions. We are now working with halves, quarters and thirds and can recognise these in shapes and can work out fractions of amounts.
  • Counting in 3s and 4s and working on our times tables.

At home ideas:

  • Play the Hit the Button game using the link below; you can work on: doubles, halves, times tables and number bonds.


Other Areas

  • Organising our Learning Stories which were sent home with the children on Wednesday. We hope that you have enjoyed looking at them and reading the reports, progress in Literacy and Numeracy comments and the children’s own Looking Back/Looking Forward sheets. Please return the blue folders next week before the summer holidays.
  • Research skills- working on IPADs to find out facts about castles for our information booklets.
  • PE- fitness and games.
  • Numbers to 20 in French.
  • Finishing off our class assembly, which was shared “virtually” today at school (via Teams).

At home ideas:

  • Practise counting objects but do it in French!

Have a super weekend- only one week to go!

Mrs Tweedie and Mrs Graham