P4H Learning 18.6.21

Another exciting and very busy week in P4H! We have been working together completing projects and filing our work .

This week’s blog was compiled together

We worked together in groups to finish our Titanic Posters. We worked out the layout and best way to display our research.

We are very pleased and proud of our finished posters.

We continued to be reading detectives and solved the mystery of Ottoline and the Yellow Cat. We looked at the ingredients of a good mystery story.

We watched a programme about how to draw the Titanic .Here are some of our drawings .They are very impressive .

We used TJ for the last time .

We looked at 3 d shapes and identified their properties . We searched outside for examples of shapes! They are everywhere!

We began with making history by watching Scotland play in the Euros on our smart board. We all waited with baited breath for our team to score. We went home disappointed but by the next day we were back with optimism . We used our skills of probability and chance developed in Term 1 and Resilience to realise that was only game 1 and you learn from your mistakes to become stronger.

Next week we are looking forward to going on an “as near to possible Summer Outing “

Have a great weekend!

from P4H and Ms Hastie and Mrs Murray