Reflective Friday 18.06.21

Happy Friday P1L!

I hope you had a lovely week back in school! It has been so lovely playing and learning with you this week! How is it the last week of Primary 1 next week! You have all grown up so much this year and I am so proud of you!

We have had a very fun and exciting week this week. Here is what we have been up to.


This week in Literacy we revised all the sounds and tricky words we have learned in Block 3. Using games, activities and group time to revise our knowledge. The P1s especially enjoyed our tricky word snow ball fight! We wrote tricky words on paper, scrunched them into snowballs and every time the music stopped we had to get a snow ball, read the word, remember it and write it onto a tricky word wall. We had lots of fun playing this game and have asked me if we can play it again next week!

In writing, we wrote a letter to the new Primary 1s, giving them advice and sharing our favourite moments of the year. We had lots of fun remembering all of the funny and exciting moments we have had this year!

In reading, we finished off our reading books and enjoyed doing our comprehension tasks. We will not be doing reading next week, so please enjoy reading stories at home together!


In maths this week we revised our learning of fractions. We practiced halving and quartering shapes and as an extra challenge we did this with numbers.

We also had lots of fun playing ‘Don’t get Zapped’ – where we had to use our addition and subtraction skills to mentally answer questions as quickly as we could! We have also asked to play this game in class next week.

Other Curricular Areas

P.E: We enjoyed playing tig and working on our running skills whilst playing games.

Art: We had lots of fun painting and making pictures using lots of different materials within the classroom. We also have had fun making pictures with chalk outside.

Photos of the Week:

P1L’s Highlights of the Week:

Jack – I liked playing with my friends and doing maths.

Maisie – I liked playing and making cakes with Georgie.

Ida – I liked playing with the big bricks.

Isla – I liked playing with my friends outside.

Sofie – I liked going outside with my friends to play.

Chloe – I liked drawing with my friends.

Lucy – I liked making cards this week.

Alistair – I liked playing with my friends.

Next Week:

  • Last week of term already! We will be doing something fun and exciting each day.
  • Monday – Highlights of P1 Activities
  • Tuesday – Dancing in the Playground
  • Wednesday – Meet the Teacher
  • Thursday – P1L Class Party (in the classroom)
  • Friday – Last Day of School Fun

I hope you have a lovely weekend!

Miss McGillivray