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P5HL Learning 20/8/21

Welcome back to everyone. It has been lovely working with everyone getting to know each other and settle into the new class.

It has been a very busy few days but we have enjoyed being able to work with the other P5 class too.

PE days are Tuesday and Thursday at present.

Today’s blog was compiled together.


Next week’s Spelling

We are learning to spell words with a suffix ing/ed and to find the root word.

Rule: Double the final consonant in the root word before adding the suffix ing / ed e.g. shred + d + ing / ed

Super…. chatting ragged throbbing shredded

Fantastic…. knitting scrapped strapping banned

Spectacular ….. skinned whipping skidded strumming

We began our Class novel Catscape by Mike Nicholson.

This is an intriguing mystery story. It is very exciting as it is set in Edinburgh. We were thinking like detectives to spot the clues . We made a Missing poster and designed a new Databoy watch.


We did some calculations using our birth date. We had to add , divide , subtract and multiply. Some were very tricky!

We looked at the months and date.


We worked in groups and as a class inside and outdoors to get to know each other better. We introduced ourselves, shared holiday stories and played some fun games.

We discussed the 5 signs of good listening and class organisation.

Have a great weekend !

P5 Happy Llamas