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P3B Friday 27 August

This week in P3B:


We have been counting in sequences of 2, 10 and 5.

‘I like counting in 2s because it makes counting faster.’

‘I like counting in 5s because the patterns are really cool.’


We have been practising our cursive handwriting.

‘I want to improve my cursive to write longer words.’

We have been listening to the story ‘The Invisible Boy’ and wrote our own versions of some of the pages that would make Brian, the main character, feel included rather than invisible.

‘I liked writing the plan on a whiteboard.’

‘I liked how they drew the characters.’ (The detail)


We have been revisiting initial consonant blends and have been using the sounds we know to help us spell. We also talked about growing words and parts of speech.

Our words this week were:

snip (snipped, snipping)

spot (spotted, spotting)

start (started, starting)

sleep (slept, sleeping)

We also revised two ‘tricky words’: you and your.

‘I liked learning about verbs.’

‘I enjoyed writing the sentence.’ (Dictation).

‘I liked spelling out words this week.’

Other areas:

We have been learning about the Paralympic Games, friendships and have been doing a bit of fitness in PE. We created little Benjamin Bunnies as part of our class identity display and we also made a class agreement around being ready, respectful and safe at school.

‘I liked decorating the Benjamin Bunnies.’

‘I liked doing PE because I liked all the running around.’

‘I liked creating the Benjamin Bunnies.’

‘I liked outdoor learning.’

Today, as everyone arrived, we were ‘taking a moment’ and listening to some relaxing music whilst doing some mindfulness colouring:

‘I liked the peaceful colouring’.


Our PE days in P3B will be Tuesday and Thursday. Please come to school dressed for PE on these days.

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Bailey and P3B