Mrs McFarlane & Mrs Nicholson P6NM

P6NM Reflective Friday 27.8.21

We have been super busy organising our new classroom, getting to know each other and getting back into the school routine!

Some of our learning this week:


  • writing letters about ourselves to our teachers
  • looking at the themes of acceptance and kindness through our class novel ‘wonder’
  • exploring the feelings and difficulties faced by the protagonist, Auggie by creating our own animals that are different


  • revising reading and writing numbers up to 6 digits
  • discussing the value of each digit in a number (hundreds of thousands, tens of thousand, thousands, hundreds, tens and units)
  • learning how to partition a number into its place value components e.g. 987 321 = 900 000 + 80 000 + 7 000 + 300 + 20 + 1
  • ordering 6 digit numbers – looking at the value of each digit

Other Curricular Areas

  • In PE started a unit on field hockey; this week we focussed on push passes and how to do this with accuracy.
  • We created our class identity based on the initials P6NM and using a character from a book – we are now called the P6 Nanny McPhee class!
  • We discussed our class charter based on our school rules: Ready, Respectful and Safe.
  • We created self portraits using, water colour and line drawings in the style of our class novel cover. We added on acts of kindness that we can try to complete throughout the year.

Optional Home Learning Activities

  • Soft g in final position.
  • In English, no word ends with a j. At the end of words with more than one syllable, the idg sound is spelt age.
  • CORE WORDS: age, image, stage, shortage, postage, average, cottage, luggage, garage, postage
  • CHALLENGE WORDS: advantage, courage, sausage, message, hostage, language, percentage, engage, outrage, forage
  • In addition, children will also be given a selection of commonly misspelt words to practise each week: number, other, by, about, could, people, some, called
  • Spelling will be assessed by a dictation activity using the core and common words each Friday.

Have a super weekend everyone!

Mrs Nicholson