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P7 Rocket Racoons Friday update

Wow! What a quick week we’ve had in P7R with lots going on.

Literacy: This week we were creating book adverts for our favourite books. We thought about what made them enjoyable and wrote about this for our peers. We are going to display these in the class and if we finish a book we can read our classmates recommendations. This week we thought about reading comprehension in P7, what that might look like and practiced with a short clip discussing inferences.

Mathematics: We have been introducing our number of the day in P7. Each day there will be a new number for us to tackle some maths questions with. This week we also tried some maths questions to work out what we know, what we need to revise and what we need to learn.

Other curriculum areas:

In P.E we started our unit of Hockey. We talked about the skills we would need to be successful at moving the ball and worked with our teammates to complete obstacles.

This week we choose our class name and created a display for this. See the pictures below! We also worked on our class charter display.

Health and Well-being: we have been discussing our emotions, how our body reacts to these and how we can make ourselves feel better when we feel emotions that make us feel negative. We displayed these in the class so we can use them all year.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Ms Russell