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Smeds Friday Update. 27/08/21

The Smeds have had another lovely week. It has been great to see the children developing new friendships and settling well into the routines of school.

This week we have been learning:

Literacy – 

We have been practising our talking and listening skills as we share our memory boxes with our classmates. We are working our way through a few a day, with each child having some time to share their special items. It has been lovely to learn more about the children’s interests and all the exciting things they got up to over the summer. Just a wee reminder that if you haven’t brought yours in yet, could you please do so by Wednesday next week. All boxes will be sent home after they have all been shared. 

We have been practicing our mark making and fine motor skills in a variety of contexts. We have had fun using different materials such as chalk, plastic letters, pencils and sand to practice writing our names. 

Numeracy – 

This week we have been practicing our counting skills, counting to 20 and beyond and practicing counting down from ten. We have played number games, sang number rhymes and even went outside to count and hunt for numbers in our school playground. 

Other Areas –

Our focus this week has been on Health and Wellbeing. We read the story of the Colour Monster which helped us to identify our different emotions and how it is important to know which emotion we are feeling. We then discussed times and places where we have felt happy, sad, scared, and excited and why we felt that way. We then created our own emotion monsters. Next week we will use these to create a class emotional check in display. 

We have also been creating our class charter. We had a class discussion about what helps to make us safe, ready and respectful in school. The children came up with some great ideas: ensuing that we are ready to learn by showing good sitting and good listening skills, and showing that we are respectful by keeping our classroom tidy and by being kind to everyone in our class. The children then each signed their name and coloured in a picture of themselves to add to our class charter wall display. 

We have also been busy creating our class identity display to match our class name – the Smeds. We painted pictures of Smeds and then carefully cut them out and added them to our board outside our classroom. 

Our daily routines are also starting to become more familiar. We have been practicing our morning routine, how to line up quietly and walk to the cloakroom sensibly, how to get ready for going outside to play and the importance of listening to someone when they are sharing an answer or idea. Well done to the Smeds for working hard this week on developing our routines!

Reflective Friday – 

This week we discussed as a class how to mark reflective Friday.  We decided that we will have a class discussion about what we have learned over the week and our highlights. We will then record and draw pictures of these which will be put into our class book. Some of the highlights of this week included making new friends, painting our Smeds and exploring all the different areas in our new classroom. The construction area and the home corner have been especially popular this week.

General Information- 

  1. On Thursdays Miss Dowds will be teaching the Smeds. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with either of us with any concerns or worries you may have.
  2. There is no need to provide a gym bag with a PE kit as the children should come to school dressed in outdoor PE clothes on their class PE day. Our PE days will be Monday and Wednesday
  3. Mid morning snack should be something nutritious and tasty which children can eat independently within 10 minutes. 
  4. Please could you ensure that all water bottles, lunchboxes, clothes, shoes and snackboxes are labelled. 

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I look forward to seeing you on Monday!

Miss Wyatt. 

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