Miss Mangan P6M

What we have been learning this week – 27.8.21


For literacy this week we reminded ourselves how to structure a letter. We then enjoyed writing letters to our new teacher telling her all about us. We focused on using paragraphs, up-levelling our words and using interesting connectives (although, however, in addition to, etc.). Afterwards, we carried out our own self-assessments of our work, assessing our effort, successes and areas for development.

We had great fun watching the short film ‘Ruin’ and using the creating reading skill to carry on the story further.  ‘Everyone Reading in Class’ started up this week. As we will have ERIC time most days, please feel free to bring your own book in to school with you.

Things to do at home –

Expand your vocabulary by using a dictionary to find the definition of any unknown words – these may be words you can use in our future writing tasks in class and will help with your dictionary skills

Please see spelling document posted on Monday on Teams

Maths and Numeracy

This week we have been learning about place value.

We have been reminding ourselves of the value of the digits within a number up to 100,000. To help us with this we have been breaking down numbers to work out the value of each digit. This is helping us understand how numbers are made up. For example: 478 = 400 + 70 + 8.

We have also been practising our times tables this week. We have enjoyed playing around the world, multiplication bingo and buzz to help us with our times tables.

Things to do at home –


Practise your times tables focusing on one that you think you need more time to perfect

Other curricular areas

  • Using our class novel ‘Wonder’ as inspiration, we have been discussing the importance of kindness for ourselves and others. As a class we came up with lots of different random acts of kindness which will be displayed on the wall. When we carry out one of our random acts of kindness we will add a marble to our ‘Kindness Jar’.
  • We have been focusing on our team building skills this week with lots of different games and activities.
  • For art we worked together as a class to create our class display using the class name ‘Magnificent Maleficent’.

As of next week, our weekly blog and spelling words will be posted on Teams.

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Mangan and P6M