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Hello P3M and grown-ups!

I hope you have had a great week; we have had a fun and busy week in school. We have worked really hard to complete our class charter and our Menacing Mowgli’s notice board in the corridor – they look great. This some of the learning we have been up to… 


  • We have been doing number assessments
  • We were counting forwards and back in 2s, 5s, 10s
  • Recapping place value with Numicon


  • Spelling- we have been trying lots of different spelling activities

(Our words: snip, spot, sleep, scoop, spark, start, stick)

  • Miss Scott was with P3M on Wednesday and worked on writing
  • Reading 
  • Handwriting


  • We have been thinking about friendship and how we can be good friends to one another 

Other Areas

  • P.E – games and fitness 
  • French – our French word of the week is ‘Bonjour!’. We have been practising our French numbers 1-10

Reading Information

  • We have been doing reading in school this week. Starting from next week, reading books will go home on a Monday. Reading groups will be fluid and children may change groups based on ongoing teacher assessment. 
  • Over the next few weeks children may be allocated a book they have read before. 3 classes have come together therefore we need to make new reading groups. Please do not worry about this, all children will be encouraged to develop their reading skills through in class tasks and home activities even if they are repeating a book.   

Extra Information

  • P.E will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays please come to school dressed for this. 
  • Miss Scott will teach P3M each Wednesday until the Christmas holidays.
  • Please ensure that all children have a waterproof coat in school to allow us to get outside as much as possible.
  • Milk: lots of learners are opting not to have their milk in school or are requesting milk when not on the list Please clarify if your child would like to receive milk and make any changes with the office. 

Friday Reflections

  • ‘I like doing maths. I like counting in 10s the most’
  •  ‘I like counting to 1000’
  •  ‘I liked learning about friendship and how to be kind.’
  •  ‘I liked counting in 5s. I’m good at it’
  • ‘I liked doing my leaf for the class charter’

Next Week’s Spelling words 

Drip, crab, brush, frost, tramp, trunk, brick, bring, grunting, printing

I am here to help and support you and your child, please feel free to send in any questions or concerns via office admin. 

I hope you have a fun and restful weekend. See you on Monday!

Mrs McSporran