Mrs McFarlane & Mrs Nicholson P6NM

P6NM Reflective Friday 03.09.21

The weekly blog will usually be uploaded onto our Teams page but I am aware that several pupils are unable to remember their passwords today so I will arrange for these to be reset and in the meantime upload in both our team and here.



Remember to check the Spelling folder on Teams for spelling lists (click on Files then the Class Materials folder). We are aiming to upload the spelling each Friday for the week ahead.


This week we began a process called ‘Slow Writing’. This involved using a step-by-step structure to create a powerful opening paragraph.

We had to slow our writing right down and think carefully about selecting words and phrases which would have a powerful impact.


We transformed our reading corner into a Hogwarts themed library.

Opportunities for home learning:

Can you write a paragraph about your day/weekend/ other event following these steps?

  • The first sentence must be a question.
  • The second sentence must be 3 words exactly.
  • The third sentence must begin with ‘Although’.
  • The fourth sentence must be 20 words exactly.


This week our key learning has been around these Success Criteria:

  • I can talk about the digits which make up a number and can work out what each digit represents (partitioning)
  • I can read and record numbers in words and digits
  • I can compare and order numbers (by looking at the most significant digits)

We have been working on 5 and 6 digit numbers.

Opportunities for home learning.

Choose the last 6 digits of a phone number and write them out. Write it in words and partition the digits like this: 387 249 is three hundred and eighty-seven thousand, two hundred and forty-nine. 387 249 = 387 000 + 249.

Play this game online.

Place Value Millionaire Game (


Buckstone Primary plans to promote Equality and Diversity as a priority this session. In line with this we started a topic called ‘Kick Out Racism’. We watched a number of video clips which summarised the events following the Italy vs England Euro 2020 final in July. The class then decided on questions they would like to find the answers to, and we decided to make our own anti-racist campaigns.

Opportunities for home learning

This subject is in the media lots just now. Can you find examples of positive steps that are being taken such as the one below?

Show Racism the Red Card – Whole-club approach to tackling racism

Share any findings in the folder in teams titled ‘Kick Out Racism’.

Health and Wellbeing

This week we have been exploring what we would want from a friend and what kind of friend we can be. The class discussed the positive impact of friendship, as well as some of the challenges that come up in managing relationships. We want to create a class where there is a positive atmosphere and where we are able to manage the ups and downs of friendships. One of the key messages from this week is to understand that we do not need to be best friends with everyone, but we can be friendly and kind.

Opportunities for Home Learning

Some experts at Young Scot have some great suggestions about what to do when you fall out.

Have a great weekend.

Mrs McFarlane