Mrs Cross & Mrs De Bonrostro P1CD

P1 CD Reflective Friday 10.09.20

We hope you all had a good week and enjoyed the lovely weather earlier in the week.

This is what we have learned:

Independent learning

Here are some photographs of our independent learning this week:


We have started learning our initial single sounds. This week we have learned s and a. We thought about things beginning with those sounds, we made snakes, we chopped apples, etc. We loved watching Geraldine the giraffe!

We have been practicing how to write our names with the right letter formation using capital letters only at the beginning of our names.

We have started our writing. This week we have created a story with the title ‘I can reach up high’, We created detailed pictures and told the teachers our stories.

At handwriting we have worked on making horizontal patterns.

Home learning ideas

  • Play I spy with my little eye things that start with the sound…
  • Say three words and your child has to guess what is the initial sound of the three words and say another one starting with the same sound. e.g. say ant, arm, anchor and they could say apple.
  • Encourage your child to make their name in different ways: in the sand, with flour, play dough, etc.
  • Please encourage your child to use a dynamic tripod grasp when holding the pencil. Please see below drawings of pencil grasp development.


We have started to work on numeracy skills. Our focus this week has been saying numbers forwards and backwards starting at different points (0-10), creating finger patterns and recognising domino patterns.

Home learning ideas

  • Number hunt: ask your child to look for specific numbers in the street: buses, house numbers and ask your child to say the number that goes after and before that number.
  • Practice number formation numbers 0 to 10
  • Count items: ask your child to give an X number of things: leaves, stones, sticks.
  • Play snakes and ladders, encourage your child to recognise the number on the dice without counting the spots.

Other areas

In PE we are working on travelling movements: jumping, hoping, skipping, etc. We are still working on following instructions and working as a team. We have worked on stretching and balancing through yoga.

At social skills time we are working on friendships: making new friends and taking turns, being kind to each other. These skills are encouraged every day and every time however each day we like to do games to reinforce these skills.

Home learning ideas

We had several incidents at playtime involving children punching and pushing each other. It would be great if you could have a chat at home about being kind and using gentle hands at all times.

Things to remember

  • We have already two lost jumpers without label, please if you think they belong to you let us know. Please label all your child’s items.
  • Today you will receive an email with our Term Overview where you will find our what we will be working on this term. Through the e-learning journals you will be able to see your child’s Literacy, Numeracy and Health and Wellbeing targets for this term.
  • We have some children who are choosing not to have their milk most days , please check again with your child if they would still like to receive milk.
  • We have noticed that some children are bringing pencil cases to school. There is no need to bring them in as we share the class resources.
  • Our snack and chat time lasts 10 minutes please be mindful of the amount of snacks you provide for your child.
  • Monday 20th September is autumn holiday. School closed.

Thank you for your continued support in your child’s learning.

We hope you have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Cross and Mrs de Bonrostro