Miss Wyatt P1W, Primary 1

PI W – Friday Update

Hello P1 and grown-ups!

I hope you have had a great week; we have had a fun and busy week in school. We have had lots of fun playing with our friends both inside the classroom and out in the playground.


This week we learned our first two sounds “s” and “a”. We looked around our classroom and playground for words that began with these sounds. We learned some special actions and songs to help us remember our sounds which was lots of fun. We especially loved watching Geraldine the Giraffe who introduced us to our new sounds and made us laugh lots. We also enjoyed painting spots on our “s” snakes and printing using “a” apples to help us learn and revise our sounds.

We then practiced writing the letters using different materials such as plasticine and sand. Then, during Outdoor Learning time, we reinforced this learning by drawing our sounds with chalk and making the letters out of leaves, sticks and rocks.

Here is some of our work:

We also did our first piece of writing this week. We talked about a time when we had to reach up high for something. We then pretended to reach up high for something. We then thought about if there was anyone else around to help us reach it and where exactly it was, for example, up high in the sky or on a big tree. We then told our story in a picture where we had to draw a very detailed and colourful picture. We had some wonderfully imaginative ideas including reaching for cats, teddy bears, aliens and giant sunflowers. Well done P1 for completing your first piece of writing!

We also met some of the characters from the Oxford Reading Tree Scheme this week.


This week we started the SEAL maths programme which provides the children with a firm foundation in maths. We have practised counting forwards and backwards to 10 and beyond together, counting collections and showing finger patterns without counting/looking at our hands. These are all things you could practice at home. 

We also have been practising writing numbers with the help of some number animal friends. Each number has a story which helps the children to remember what the number looks like. This week we learned about Greedy Zero the Gorilla, Penguin One, Ticklish Two the Swan and Butterfly Three. The children have loved learning how to write the numbers with the help of the animals and have been producing some great work.

Here are some photos of our number work:

Our plasticine numbers!
Our giant three.

Other Areas:

In Health and Wellbeing this week we have been focusing on friendship and kindness. We have been learning about why it is important to be a good friend, how we can be a good friend and how we can show kindness to people in our class. Some good ideas that the children came up with included: having kind hands, giving compliments to people around us, sharing and taking turns and helping people who are sad or upset. We then did an art craft to remind us that we should use our hands to be kind to everyone around us. With a partner we traced our hands and decorated them with lots of bright colours and feathers. The children worked well together showing their co-operation and sharing skills. Here are our kind hands.

We have continued to focus on developing our movement skills in P.E this week. We have been practising hopping, skipping, jumping and running at different speeds. We have also been thinking and working on keeping safe and being aware of others around us while doing this. We have also started playing some team games in order to develop our co-operation skills.

We have also had lots of fantastic learning through play this week. Here are some of the highlights!

Construction Area –

Some pictures to show our great imaginative and problem solving skills.

Water Tray –

We made the most of the sunny weather this week by playing outside in the water tray. This provides us with lots of opportunities for practising and developing our measuring, fine motor and gross motor skills. We have also been showing great imagination skills while playing with the water: we have been creating magic potions for witches and fairies.

Reflective Friday:

We discussed our favourite things at school this week:

Harper – going outside!

Alex – sand, loose parts and water.

Liam – playing with my old and new friends 

Charlie – the lego dragon. 

Jason – being in the creative area and making drawings. 

Harris – playing with my friend Alex. 

Sandy – playing with Harris my friend. 

Thomas – building tall towers in the brick corner 

Max – playing with Alex in story corner. 

Arya – playing in the sand. 

General Information:

P.E will be on Mondays and Wednesdays – please come dressed with appropriate outdoor clothing so to be ready for P.E. 

You should now be able to view your child’s learning targets on the E-Journals, if you are having any problems with this please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Please be mindful when choosing a snack for your child: make sure your child can open it independently. We are also a nut-free school and this is particularly important as we have a number of people with nut allergies within our class.

I hope you have a lovely weekend and I look forward to seeing you on Monday!