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P1 W – Friday update – 17/09/2021

We had another busy week of learning in P1W. I hope that you enjoy looking through these pictures with your child and having a chat about their learning this week.

We have had lots of fantastic learning through play this week. Here are some of the highlights!


We have continued learning and consolidating our initial single sounds. This week we have learned p and t. We identified things beginning with those sounds in the classroom and outdoor environment. We love watching Geraldine the giraffe and doing our actions. We made t’s out of tinfoil, drew t’s in tea using twigs and practised forming the letter t using a variety of materials outside.

We also enjoyed pinning the tail on Peppa Pig, printing a p with some potatoes and making a p out of pasta.

We have also been practicing how to write our names with the right letter formation and using capital letters at the beginning of our names. This Friday (17/09) we will be sending home an example of how your child writes their name. It would be great if you could practice this skill together at home focusing on forming the letters correctly. Here is a useful video which outlines correct letter formation

Please encourage your child to use a dynamic tripod grasp when holding a pencil. Please see below some drawings of pencil grasp development.

We continued with our writing, creating some detailed pictures. This helps to develop hand strength and pencil control. This week we created a story with the title ‘I was shocked when’. P.1W have fantastic imaginations; we had lots of stories about crocodiles, tigers and even grandparents giving shocks!

We met some more characters from the Oxford Reading Scheme; this week we read about and met Biff, Chip and Kipper and then practiced recognising these characters.


We continued to meet our animal friends this week. We met Snappy Six, Spotty Seven, Amazing Eight , Naughty Nine and Tiger Ten. We have been practising forming the numbers using our magic fingers and on our whiteboards.

In SEAL this week we focused on counting and establishing collections, forwards and backwards number sequences (to 10 and 20), numeral recognition and sequencing (to 10 and 20), recognising domino patterns and pairs, and finger patterns to 5.

Here are some photos of our learning.

Other Areas:

In PE we are continuing to develop our movement skills: jumping, hopping, skipping and running. We also worked on stretching and balancing through yoga.

During circle time we worked on developing our social skills. We have continued to focus on making new friends and being kind to each other. These skills are encouraged every day but each day we like to spend time to reinforce these skills.

This week we started our first responsive child – led IDL topic – Fairytales. This was chosen because the children have been really interested in building castles in the construction area and creating potions in the sand and water trays. We had a class discussion about what we already knew about fairytales and what we would like to learn about. Making potions was a popular choice! Here are some photos of our learning.

Fairytale role play – developing imaginative, communication and language skills.

Potion making – developing maths skills through discussion of measurement, science skills through investigating various materials and imaginative and creative skills though discussions of what our magic potions could do.

We then practiced our literacy and fine motor skills by recording what our magic potions could do!

Drawing our own fairytale palaces and castles – developing our creative and fine motor skills.

Next week we will be building our own fairytale castles and palaces out of different materials, so if possible could your child please bring in any cardboard boxes, shoe boxes, plastic containers etc, they would like to use by Tuesday (21st) September.

Reflective Friday –

Highlights this week included:

  • Potion making! 
  • Playing with my old and new friends. 
  • The bricks. 
  • Reading Jack and the Beanstalk. 

General Information:

  • On Friday (17/09) pupils will be provided with a purple folder from school. This will be used for sending home any school communications, taking home pictures and other creations, and, later in the year, reading books. 
  • From Tuesday (21/09) the children will not require to bring a school rucksack as well. Snack can be brought in the purple bag and water bottles in the other hand  (please don’t put water bottles in the purple folder in case of leaks) Unfortunately we do not have space to store large, predominantly empty bags alongside winter coats without making it very tricky for the children to organise their belongings and promote independence. On days when additional things need to be brought such as waterproof trousers for outdoor learning, we would ask that these be carried to school in a drawstring bag or simply a carrier bag There is no requirement to bring a pencil case in P1, but if they wish to have one they can leave it at school in their storage cube (cubbyhole). We appreciate that the pupils may be very proud of their large schoolbag, but we hope that you will understand the reasons for this decision and that you will support us in maintaining a tidy and organised classroom environment.
  • Milk – a few children are opting not to have their milk in school or are requesting milk when not on the list. Could you please check again if your child would like to receive milk and make any changes with the office.
  • Monday 20th September is the autumn holiday so school will be closed.
  • Next week, we will be building our own fairytale castles and palaces out of different materials, so if possible, could your child please bring in any cardboard boxes, shoe boxes, plastic containers etc, they would like to use by Tuesday (21st) September.
  • On the afternoon of Wednesday 22nd September, P1W will have their first outdoor loose parts session. Please ensure that your child comes dressed appropriately with a waterproof jacket, waterproof trousers and wellington boots.