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P1cd Reflective Friday 17.9.21

Welcome to another Friday blog. We hope you are enjoying discussing with your child what they have been learning at school. There is lots of information in this week’s blog, so please persevere all the way to the end! Thank you

But first……..

Can you help ?

We are gathering some items to enhance the learning in our role play area and would welcome donations of the following items

  • small saucepans and/or baking trays
  • small artificial plants
  • old newspapers
  • unused or lightly used notebooks or diaries (any year)

Independent Learning


This week our focus initial letter sounds were t and p.

We have used the sounds we know to build and blend some words – e.g. sat, tap, pat

We have also been learning some key vocabulary from our reading scheme. We have been learning to recognise the names of the characters by sight.

Kipper Mum Dad Chip Biff Floppy

We are developing our motor skills to help us with handwriting. Our pre-writing pattern this week was diagonal lines.

Our writing prompt this week was ” I was shocked when…”


Our core numeracy skills this week included,

  • forward and backward number sequences starting and stopping at different points
  • counting random dot patterns
  • counting a collection accurately
  • making instant finger patterns of numbers up to ten (ie lifting all the fingers at once, not one by one)

Other areas of the curriculum

In outdoor PE we are learning to travel in different ways.

In indoor PE we enjoy a class warm up and some yoga time.

Our building resilience topic this term is ‘Take a moment’,

Please see the home task sheet which is in your child’s purple folder today.

Outdoor learning

Things to do at home :-

Practise writing your name using correct standard letter formation for each letter in your name. You can watch this short video as a reminder of the correct route for each letter.
In your child’s purple folder tonight you will find a note of which letters they need to learn to write correctly. Thank you for your support.
Continue to practice hopping on one leg, jumping with two feet together and skipping.

practise using scissors correctly ( remember, thumb on top)

find rhyming pairs of words, they can be real or nonsense as long as they rhyme.

look for numerals in the environment – ( buses/doors/car numer plates etc)

Please help your child to be able to put their coat on independently. Of course we will help with buttons and zips where necessary, but we would really like all pupils to be able to put their arms in the sleeves by themselves. Thank you

Purple folders

P1 Schoolbags

On Friday 17th September  pupils will be provided with a named purple folder from school. This will be used for sending home any school communications, occasional home learning activities, taking home pictures and other creations, and, later in the year, reading books. From Tuesday 21st the children will not require to bring a school rucksack as well. Snack may be carried in the purple bag and water bottles in the other hand  (please don’t put water bottles in the purple folder in case of leaks)

Unfortunately we do not have space to store large, predominantly empty bags alongside winter coats without making it very tricky for the children to organise their belongings and promote independence. On days when additional things need to be brought such as waterproof trousers for outdoor learning, we would ask that these be carried to school in a drawstring bag or simply a carrier bag There is no requirement to bring a pencil case in P1, but if they wish to have one they can leave it at school in their storage cube (cubbyhole)

We appreciate that the pupils may be very proud of their large schoolbag, but we hope that you will understand the reasons for this decision and that you will support us in maintaining a tidy and organised classroom environment.

Please check and empty (if necessary) your child’s folder daily to avoid the contents building up and important communications potentially being missed.

Many thanks

The P1 team

Things to remember:

  • Snack and chat time lasts only 10 minutes, so please be mindful of how many snack items children are bringing.
  • PE will take place on Mondays and Wednesdays.
  • Please label all your child’s items (water bottles and tubs included).
  • Please say goodbye your child at the top of the steps and wave to them as they enter the classroom. Please remember to maintain the 2 metre distance at all times between adults. Please don’t come to the class door. If you have an urgent message for us email /phone the school office. Thank you for your understanding on this matter.
  • Please remember not to bring any nuts or nut products to school.

This week’s unnamed lost property