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Friday Update – 01/10/2021.

Hello and Happy Friday! We have had another fun week in p.1. The weeks are really zooming by. 

Some of our independent learning through play this week. Here are some of the highlights. 


We have continued to learn and consolidate our initial single sounds. Our focus this week was on and r. We are still enjoying watching Geraldine the Giraffe to help us learn our sounds and have been learning our Jolly Phonics songs and actions. We have also had the opportunity to learn our sounds through play activities. This week this has included creating clay robots, making r in rainbow rice, creating a moving monkey and making our own rockets. 

Now that we have covered a variety of sounds we have started making some CVC (consonant, vowel, consonant) words and have begun to blend sounds. For instance, this week we made words such as sat, pin, man and rat. We are aware that some children already know these sounds and can blend, be reassured that they are receiving appropriate challenge. Today your child will bring home the next sheet with the sound cards for you to cut out and use at home to practice recognition of the letters and, alongside the sounds sent home last week, blend and spell CVC words.

We have continued to learn some key vocabulary from our reading scheme. We have been focusing on recognising the names of the characters by sight. These include: Mum, Dad, Biff, Chip, Kipper and Floppy. A copy of these words (plus and , a & the will also be sent home today. Please use this sheet at home to reinforce recognition of these words.

We have also been developing our fine motor skills to help us with our handwriting. Our pre- writing pattern this week was bridges – as in you would find in the formation of letters such as m and n.

We are focusing on developing our storytelling skills by firstly drawing to create a detailed picture which clearly tells a story, then retelling our story for an adult to “scribe” for us. Our writing prompt this week was “I am brushing my hair …”

Home learning ideas: 

  • Find the letters that we have worked on in the world around you: this could be on a sign, a newspaper, cereal box or any package.
  • Can you be Geraldine and find items at home with a given sound.

Numeracy – 

Our core numeracy skills this week included: 

  • forward and backward number sequences starting and stopping at different points. (up to 30 for some as a challenge). 
  • identifying numerals 
  • counting and establishing a collection accurately. (Including screened collections for some children as a challenge). 
  • making instant finger patterns of numbers up to five (ten for some) (ie lifting all the fingers at once, not one by one)
  • making spatio – motor pattens (making a pattern in the air to show the number of dots on dominos, pairs and random array cards).  
  • Copying and counting rhythmic patterns. 

Home learning ideas: 

  • Number hunt: ask your child to look for specific numbers in the street: buses, house numbers and ask your child to say the number that goes after and before that number.
  • Practice number formation of numbers 0 to 10.
  • Count items: ask your child to give an X number of things: leaves, stones, sticks.
  • Play snakes and ladders; encourage your child to recognise the number on the dice without counting the spots.

IDL Topic: 

This week we started our new IDL topic, “Around the World” which will last until the October holidays. This topic will celebrate the diversity of customs and cultures within our class, with children “visiting” a new country each week. This will develop children’s understanding of equality and diversity which we explored in Health and Wellbeing last week.  Children are very welcome and are encouraged to bring in items relating to this topic to share with the class. Items will be returned home once they have shared their item with the class.

This week we created our own passports, read a balloon for Grandad and imagined where in the world we would travel to in a hot air balloon. We also had a wonderful discussion about what we would like to learn about during this topic; as a class we came up with music, dance and art, people, countries, languages, animals, trees and plants and methods of travel.

Health and Wellbeing – 

We discussed some of the “Take a moment” activities children had come up with for homework last week. We had some wonderful suggestions such as making our little siblings laugh, baking moon cakes, creating a calm corner and flicking through our favourite book. We also nominated our class equalities representative this week. Well done to everyone who entered this. There was some really thoughtful and insightful answers and suggestions. 


This week we worked on our ball skills. We focused on the skills of throwing and catching thus developing our gross motor skills. We also enjoyed stretching and moving our body in different ways through yoga.

Outdoor learning – 

We have been using chalk to practice writing our sounds and CVC words on the playground. We also made monsters out of natural materials.

Christmas cards –

Today your child will bring home a Christmas card design sheet. This is for you to complete at home if you wish. All information about this including the deadline for returning to school can be found in the homelink emailed out.

Other information 

  • On the afternoon of Wednesday 6th October, P1W will have an outdoor loose parts session. Please ensure that your child comes dressed appropriately with a jacket and wellington boots.
  • Please check your child’s purple bag for sounds and tricky words homework. 
  • Our virtual parents consultations will take place on video call on Monday 4th October between 16:30 and 19:00 and on Thursday 7th October between 14:30 and 15:40. I am looking forward to meeting you all then.  
  • if your child has had to change clothes any day, please remember to send new spare clothes the next day so we don’t run out of dry socks – our playground has lots of puddles with all the rain we have been having recently.

Thank – you for your continued support. 

Have a lovely weekend. 

Miss Wyatt