Miss Livesey P2L, Miss McGhee P2M, Primary 2

Hello and Happy Friday P2!

We can’t believe how quick another week in P2 has gone! Here is what we have been exploring………….


  • Exploring the ‘ai’ sound
  • Dictation: rain, chain, tail, snail, rail, train
  • Tricky Words: block 5
  • We have also been assessing tricky words to send home some to practise reading and writing
  • Writing “Safe” (linked to Health and Wellbeing – (shanarri)
  • Our writing ‘Star Steps’ for Term 1 are:
  • Capital letters
  • Finger spaces
  • Full stops
  • Handwriting – cursive and pre-cursive writing practice. This includes drawing and colouring in to promote hand strength and pencil control. We have also been doing cutting activities to help strengthen hand muscles
  • Handwriting – correct number formation


  • Directed group activities around reading books
  • BEAR Time: Be Excited About Reading (independent reading time)
  • Being Authors! Creating a booklet to re-tell the reading book from this week.
  • Skills involved in re-creating our book: re-call, spelling, sentence building, lay-out and planning, critical thinking, creativity and fine motor skills
  • Completing a book review – this helps us to develop critical thinking skills


  • Beginning to explore Subtraction
  •  2D shape properties
  • Exploring 3D shapes
  • We will continue to cover Days of the Week (yesterday/tomorrow) and Months of the Year with use of songs and reference to our class calendar – you could support your child by talking about days of the week:
  • What day is it today?
  • What day was it yesterday (the day before)?
  • What day will it be tomorrow (the day after)?

Other Curricular Areas

  • RSHP: General Friendship focus – recapping previous learning
  • Health and Well-being: SHANARRI (Active)
  • RME – listening to and reading Jonah and the Whale
  • PE: Yoga and Football skills
  • We have been using iPads to support our learning too – Literacy and Numeracy games
  • French: My name is/ How old are you?

P2 Mogs

  • Drama – this week P2M enjoyed acting out the story of Jonah and the Whale. We enjoyed taking on the roles of the different characters in the story and re-telling the story through drama. Each group had: God, Jonah, 2 boat people and a whale – ask your child which character they played! Groups then performed to the whole class, they were super stars (some fantastic acting skills!)
  • We also enjoyed some presentations about Equality and Diversity this week –a huge well done to all who took part. Mrs Conlin also came to watch and was very impressed too!
  • Thank you for all your effort, enthusiasm and support at home
  • Well done to Hera who is the successful candidate and will now represent P2M as our Equalities and Diversity Class Rep!!!
  • Please don’t be sad if it wasn’t you this time – more opportunities to join a group will come throughout the year!

P2 Ladybirds

  • We shared the story of Jonah and the Whale and talked about the message of the story. We began to explore re-telling the story and will continue with this next week.
  • On Wednesday we enjoyed watching presentations about Equality and Diversity. A massive well done to those who took part, you had put so much effort into them! Mrs Conlin also popped in to watch, she was very impressed!
  • Congratulations to Ladybird’s candidate Zoe who will be our class representative for Equality and Diversity.
  • We hope you aren’t too upset if you didn’t get chosen, there will be plenty more opportunities throughout the year.
  • P2L have also enjoyed having the Kapla blocks in our construction area, and have made some brilliant creations.

Looking forward to next week

  • We will be exploring the ‘ay’ sound
  • Continuing to explore 2D and 3D shapes
  • PE will stay on the same days this week (Monday, Wednesday for P2M and Tuesday, Wednesday for P2L)
  • Please send Learning Stories back to school

Extra Information/ polite reminders

  • Please remember to keep reading books at home – returning them to school on Thursday
  • As the weather is getting cooler, please ensure your child comes to school in an appropriate coat.
  • A little reminder that the first group doesn’t begin until 8:35 in the morning and time before that the adults may be working, or not in the room.
  • We understand homelife is super busy and fitting reading in can be tricky! Learning activities will be linked to reading books to make the learning more specific for your child – reading at home will help us to provide quality learning and teaching for your child
  • Boxes of tissues for sniffles and sneezes would be greatly appreciated!

We are here to help and support you, please feel free to send in any questions or concerns via office admin or if you are happy to catch us at the door at the beginning/end of the day (this isn’t always possible as teachers may be having their ‘non- class contact time’ at this time)

Thanks for your continued help and support.

We hope you enjoy a lovely, safe weekend!

The P2 Team 😊