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P3M Reflective Friday

Happy Friday P3M!

Here’s some of what we have been up to this week 


  • We finished learning about place value 
  • We continued working on direction with Miss Scott
  • We have moved onto addition; we will continue with this next week 


  • We have continued to use Wraparound spelling. This week we were learning words with ‘ng’ at the end
  • We have been working on summarising this week in our reading groups
  • We have done some senses writing about Autumn: considering the things we see, hear, smell, taste and feel in this season. The children enjoyed this writing task. 


  • This week we have been looking RSHP: Privacy – My body belongs to me
  • We had circle time and good discussion. 


  • PE: fitness-based games 
  • Art: autumn pointillism to go with our autumn writing 
  • Outdoor learning: handwriting with ‘ng’ words 
  • Loose parts this morning was a highlight of the week. Apologies we didn’t get out on Monday, we swapped our slot to suit another class

Some Pictures

Coming up 

  • Parent consultations are next week, I am looking forward to meeting you. A reminder that appointments are 10 minutes and the booking system will cut out after 10 minutes has passed. 
  • WB 11th October we will be doing Book Talks – each child will have the opportunity to give a presentation about their favourite book

Reflective Friday

Next Weeks Spellings – we are moving onto ‘nk’ words

Our words: bank, chunk, thank, wink, drink, blink

I hope you all have a fun filled weekend.

Mrs McSporran 🙂