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Happy (Halloween) Friday!

Hello parents and learners, 

It has been so lovely to see everyone after the holidays. It sounds like everyone had a fun filled and exciting break, we have enjoyed sharing our stories with each other!

Here’s some of our learning from this week:


  • We have continued with our addition work, and were learning to bridge to the next 10 on an empty number line 
  • We progressed with direction and have been learning about compass points. We have been practising our clockwise and anticlockwise turns to face North, South, East and West.


  • Spelling: we have been working on the short /e/ sound. We have continued with the wraparound spelling programme and this has been working well. We have been listening out for all the individual sounds in each word and thinking about how we grow them and words that rhyme with them. 

Our words this week were: peg, tell, nest, shell, sense, quest

Our tricky words were: old, only

  • Reading: we have continued with our reading groups this week and have focused on summarising for our reading tasks. 
  • Writing: this week we have been doing imaginative writing based on a setting. The children all had the same setting, each table group came up with characters for the story and each child came up with their own story. The class really enjoyed this and were keen to share their stories with the class. 


  • PE- we have been doing more fitness games, our woodland workout and yoga. Next week we will be moving onto ball skills. 
  • Art- we started our firework night sky pieces. These will be finished next week, they are beautiful. 
  • COP26 – Over the next few weeks we are going to be learning about COP26. On Thursday we had a discussion about what this is and why it is important to have meetings like this. We will continue to focus on COP26 over the next couple of weeks and will consider what we can do to slow down climate change. 

Pumpkin Trail

We had a lot of fun today on our walk around school today looking at all the wonderful pumpkins.

Reflective Friday 

“I enjoyed learning about compasses because I like the north south east and south to tell the direction”
“I loved seeing how all the pumpkins were made differently”
“I liked doing the bunny hops on the number line because it was quite fun”
“Doing worksheets was fun because I like learning”
“I liked doing art, it’s my favourite thing”
“I liked making firework pictures”
“I liked everything”

Next Week:

  • A reminder that all children should have indoor shoes in school, this helps to keep our classroom clean and dry!
  • This week brought the end of staggered starts and finishes to the day, this has maximised learning time in the classroom. Thanks for your support with this.
  • – Our new drop off time is 8.45 am
    • – Our new pick up time is 3.10pm
      • – Our Friday pick up time is 12.25pm
  • We try to get outside as much as we can, please send your child to school with a hooded coat.

Spelling for next week: short /e/ using other graphemes

Our words: head, deaf, heavy, ready, measure, friend Tricky words: little, down

I hope you have a fabulous weekend, please do let me know if you have any queries or concerns.

Mrs McSporran