Miss Livesey P2L, Miss McGhee P2M

P2M and P2L Class Blog 29.10.21

Hello and Happy Friday P2 – what a rainy day!!!

It’s been lovely welcoming the children back this week and hearing about the lovely things they did over the October break. Here is some of our learning from this week:  


  • Re-visiting all of the sounds we learnt before the break: sh, ch, th, wh, ai, ay, ee 
  • Dictation (words): shop, chip, bath, whip, rain, day, feel 
  • Dictation (hold the sentence) – introducing a dictation sentence: I can feel the rain on my face. 
  • Tricky Words: revision of all 
  • Writing holiday ‘snapshots’ 
  • Writing “My Holiday”  
  • Our writing ‘Star Steps’ for Term 1 are: 
  • Capital letters 
  • Finger spaces 
  • Full stops 
  • Sometimes learners will also receive an individual Star Step to support their learning 

Writing: a piece of writing is coming home on Monday for you to see and enjoy! We wrote about the October Holidays and some learners used a photo to support their writing! This was fully independent and provides you with a little snap-shop of your child’s progress so far. We hope you enjoy seeing what your child can achieve all by themselves – we are very proud of them.  

  • Handwriting – cursive and pre-cursive writing practice. This includes drawing and colouring in to promote hand strength and pencil control. We have also been doing cutting activities to help strengthen hand muscles  
  • Handwriting – Cursive Letters and writing our name with capitals in the correct place   


  • We have enjoyed spending time reading with all of the groups this week in preparation to send books home again on Monday.  
  • BEAR Time: Be Excited About Reading (independent reading time)  
  • Spelling games to practice the long words on our books  
  • Completing a book review – this helps us to develop critical thinking skills  
  • We are also enjoying listening to and reading poetry. This week we enjoyed Chocolate Cake by Michael Rosen. Maybe you would like to watch it together at home (with a yummy slice of chocolate cake!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7BxQLITdOOc 


  • Continuing to explore Subtraction 
  • PACE subtraction challenge  
  • Beginning to explore Time: Seconds, Minutes and Hours 
  • Telling the time: o’clock and half past on an analogue clock 
  • We will continue to cover Days of the Week (yesterday/tomorrow) and Months of the Year with use of songs and reference to our class calendar – you could support your child by talking about days of the week:  
  • What day is it today? 
  • What day was it yesterday (the day before)? 
  • What day will it be tomorrow (the day after)? 

Other Curricular Areas 

  • RSHP: General Friendship focus – recapping previous learning  
  • Health and Well-being: SHANARRI (Included) 
  • PE – Yoga and fitness  
  • French: ‘What is your name?’ and ‘My name is…….’ 

Let’s talk learning!  

  • During Parents Consultations it was highlighted that sometimes it’s difficult to conversations about the school day at home. In response to this we are going to provide some questions you can ask to prompt learning chats at home!  
  • Each week we give you a few conversation starters/questions linked to our learning from the week. This might support you to talk about your child’s learning and get more of an insight to their week. We hope this is helpful….. 
  1. Can you tell me how you subtract one number from another? 
  1. Can you tell me what you know about a clock – what does a clock have? 
  1. You’ve been speaking French! Can you tell me your name in French?  
  1. What does inclusion mean to you? Tell me about a time you’ve felt included 

P2 Mogs 

  • PE day change – for P2M PE days will be Monday and Thursday from WB 01.11.21
  • We have a ‘Worksheets’ tray in class. This tray has a mixture of worksheets we have explored in class already. Some children have been asking for more so I have responded by providing this tray. Learners can take a worksheet when they would like to and some are choosing to take one or two home! These sheets are optional and do not need to be returned to school (as we have already completed them)  
  • We also have a “Traffic Light Challenge” (similar too Chilli Challenge). Learners can use this to revise, consolidate or extend their own learning……. 
  • Reading – all groups have moved up one level (some learners have moved, individually, more than one). For some learners these books have been more challenging. Please support your child by reading at home and practising the tricky words  

P2 Ladybirds 

  • We have enjoyed some Halloween Yoga and Dancing in P.E this week. 
  • The children have been accessing worksheets which are available in class. These are accessible for all the children to choose their level of challenge, these aren’t compulsory as we have completed them in class.  
  • It has been lovely reading with the groups this week and most of the children have moved up in their stages. We will be continuing our group work next week focusing on the children’s abilities.  

Looking forward to next week 

  • We will be continuing to look at Time.  
  • Our writing will be about ‘nurtured’ – linking with our Health and Wellbeing.  
  • We will be adding ‘Hold the Sentence’ to our Wednesday morning dictation next week.  
  • Reading books will be sent home again from Monday. Please keep them at home and return on Thursday.  

Extra Information/ polite reminders 

  • Home-learning: In Primary 2 we do not send home ‘homework’. If you would like to do a little extra at home, that’s great! Please feel free to use the information in the blog to revise Literacy or Numeracy.  There is no pressure to do so or to hand anything back into class. 
  • Home-learning: if you are keen to do a little extra at home the areas you could support in are; reading, tricky words and dictation 
  • Please remember to keep reading books at home Mon to Wed – returning them to school on Thursday 
  • As the weather is getting cooler, please ensure your child comes to school in an appropriate coat.  
  • A little reminder that it is important to bring your children to school for their given time (P2M 8:45, P2L 8:55) so that we can begin our learning as soon as possible.  
  • E-Journals – P2 teachers don’t access e-journals. We are aware some people have kindly taken the time to share some learning from home. Unfortunately we can’t respond, but thank you for sharing!  

We are here to help and support you, please feel free to send in any questions or concerns via office admin or if you are happy to catch us at the door at the beginning/end of the day. 

Thanks for your continued help and support. 

We hope you enjoy a lovely, weekend!  

The P2 Team 😊