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P.1 W Reflective Friday 5/ 11/21

Happy Friday! Here is a little snapshot of our learning this week. We hope that you enjoy looking at the pictures and discussing what we have been learning with your child.

Independent Learning.

I’m making a clock!


We have continued to revise and consolidate our initial single sounds this week. We also learned two new sounds this week: o and g. We have continued blending our sounds to create simple CVC words. This week we all started our Oxford Reading Scheme in class.

We continue to learn and consolidate our tricky words and key vocabulary from our reading scheme. We are getting better at recognising these by sight. These include: Mum, Dad, Biff, Chip, Kipper, Floppy, the , and, to and I, he and me.

We have also been developing our fine motor skills to help us with our handwriting. Our pre- writing pattern this week was o, linking to our sound this week. Our writing prompt this week was imaginative: My magic wand… Some of us decided to include speech bubbles which we we learning about in our reading books this week. The class has lots of fantastic imaginative ideas. We are focusing on developing our story telling skills by using drawing to create a detailed picture which tells a story, then retelling our story for an adult to ‘scribe’ for us.

During storytime, we have been enjoying listening to a wide range of texts and discussing what we have enjoyed about them. This week we especially enjoyed reading some stories about Autumn such as the “The Leaf Thief.” We had the opportunity to vote for our favourite book this week and explain why we enjoyed it the most.

Home learning ideas

  • Practice the sounds and make words using the sounds from the blue cards. 
  • Find words that start with a given sound (from the ones we have been working on).
  • Read a story with your child and chat about the book
  • Practice writing numbers


We have been working on number bonds/ number pairs of 10 ( some have been working on number bonds of 20).

Home Learning Ideas-

Funky Fingers – 

This week we continued with our funky fingers challenges using playdough. These challenges help to strengthen the muscles in our hands and fingers, thus developing our fine motor skills. This helps us with activities such as writing and pencil grip, buttoning, and zippering. 

 You could practice this at home using these videos. 


This week we continued to work on our ball skills. We focused on the skills of throwing, catching and bouncing a ball thus developing our gross motor skills. This is something that you could practise with your child at home as is something that many of us are finding tricky. We also practiced our movement skills by moving in different way such as hopping, jumping and skipping and playing a variety of games which develop spatial awareness. It is very exciting that we can now use the indoor PE hall for our Tuesday sessions. Please ensure that your child comes with appropriate indoor gym shoes on a Tuesday.

Loose Parts Session –

We had a great time playing with loose parts outdoors. Lots of team work, development of gross motor skills, sharing and engineering skills on the go! It was lovely to spend time in the sun when it’s been so rainy the last few weeks.

Technology –

We really enjoyed using the iPads to practice and consolidate our numeracy and literacy skills this week. This has also helped us develop our technology skills.

IDL Topic –

We have continued with our “People who help us” Topic , which is incorporating elements of health and wellbeing, literacy , social studies and the expressive arts. Following on from the children’s discussions and interests last week, we explored the role of the emergency services. If you think that you could contribute to this topic we would love to hear from you. Lots us have been sharing about the helpful jobs our family members have.

Outdoor Learning –

Following the reading our Autumn Stories during storytime we went outside to find evidence of Autumn. We found conkers, lots of different coloured leaves that had fallen from the trees and some pine cones. We then took these inside to investigate in our exploratory area.

Things to remember:

It’s great to be welcoming the classes back to school as one group. Our start and finish times are as follows:

P1W (Morning)


P1W (Afternoon)



Our P.E days are now Monday and Tuesday. Please ensure that your child has appropriate gym shoes.

Thank you for your continued support. Please do get in touch by emailing or calling the office if you have any questions or concerns.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Wyatt