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P3 Reflective Friday

Hello P3M 

An update on some of our learning from this week


  • We completed our work on addition for now 
  • We moved onto learning about subtraction. We were working in groups to work out subtraction sums in our outdoor learning and in the classroom. We will continue with this next week.
  • We completed our learning on direction and compass points, we were able to follow directions using compass points. We will be moving onto time next week.


  • Spelling – Our words this week were: head, deaf, heavy, ready, measure, friend Tricky words: little, down
  • We used the wrap around spelling programme to facilitate our learning. 
  • Reading – we were reading in our reading groups. The children enjoyed summarising their books and reporting back to the rest of the class. There have been some changes to reading groups this week, if you have any questions or concerns about this feel free to write me a note in the blue reading jotter. 
  • Writing – we made posters to show what we learned about Diwali, the learners enjoyed working in groups to complete these. 


  • We were using the RSHP programme to explore different family set ups.
  • We discussed ‘taking a moment’ and were doing mindful colouring, yoga and breathing exercises.


  • Science: Miss Scott started a topic on sound, she will be continuing with this 
  • RME: we were learning about Diwali. We heard the story of Rama and Sita, found out about how Diwali is celebrated today, made rangoli and posters to display our learning.
  • PE: we were doing fitness, outdoor games and an indoor PE session in the hall working on ball skills.

Reflective Friday 

“I liked learning about the compass”

“I loved doing the rangoli, because they were so colourful and look nice”

“I liked working in the groups to make the posters about Diwali”

“I loved doing PE in the new gym hall because we got to use equipment”

“It was very interesting learning about sound. I really like sound because without it we wouldn’t be able to hear important things”

Some Photos

Next Week Spelling 

We are learning the short /i/ sound

Our Words: pick, mist, finish, gym, mystery, system

Next Week 

  • We have our next loose parts session on Monday 8th November, please send your child dressed to be outdoors.
  • Our PE days going forward will be Tuesday and Wednesday due to the new timetable for the hall.

Have a brilliant weekend, looking forward to seeing you all on Monday!

Mrs McSporran