Ms Collyns P7C

P7C week beginning 5.11.21

I have asked the class to prepare either a presentation or a short lesson by themselves or with a partner for next week. They can present/teach anything they like but the focus is on developing their communication and presenting skills.

I know that speaking in front of an audience can be worrying so I have said that if they would prefer the children can record a video/PowerPoint at home that we then watch in school. The instructions are here:

This week we have been learning: (we tried doing Reflective Friday on Teams this week collaboratively)


  • Area of triangles, rectangles and compound shapes 
  • We participated in the Edinburgh school Sumdog competition 
  • We all started working on using the bar strategy for working out word problems. 
  • Mini maths problems  


  • In literacy we have done literature circles and finished them  
  • We have also done imaginative writing based on a picture 
  • We have done spelling and the rule is bouncy e  
  • We have also almost finished our class novel  

Other areas  

  • In other areas we have started practicing our ceilidh dancing  
  • We played a championship  in football and team 4 won  
  • We also did loose parts and we made a shelter that the whole class can stay inside.  
  • We spoke about diversity and why it is important to be different. 
  • We also have done fire safety as bonfire night is tonight.  
  •  We also practiced saying the German days of the week. 
  • We spoke about COP 26. 

Skills for learning, life and work 

  • Creativity- creative writing  
  • Teamwork – loose parts  
  • Resilience- loose parts  
  • Communication- diversity factor  

For loose parts this week we had a whole class challenge to create a shelter that everyone could fit under. We had to use resilience, communication skills, creative problem solving and teamwork skills.

Have a lovely weekend and stay safe this Bonfire Night!

Ms Collyns and P7C