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P.1 W Reflective Friday 12/11/2021.

Hello and happy Friday! Here is a little snapshot of our learning this week. We hope that you enjoy looking at the pictures and discussing what we have been learning with your child.

Independent learning


This week our focus sounds were f and u. We continue to revise all the sounds taught so far. We introduced the new tricky words is and me as well as revising our previously learned words. We continue to practice blending using the sounds we have covered so far. We have also enjoyed reading together in our groups this week.

We are continuing to develop our motor skills to help us with handwriting. We do this through lots of activities in the classroom as well as our funky fingers sessions. Our pre-writing pattern this week was an up , along, down , along and repeat pattern.

Our writing prompt this week was I am building bricks. Lots of us love playing with the bricks in our classroom so this was a popular topic with lots of great ideas. We are focusing on developing our story telling skills by discussing all our ideas as a class, then using drawing to create a detailed picture which clearly tells a story, and finally retelling our story for an adult to ‘scribe’ for us. Some of us have been “having a go” at writing and mark making all by ourselves.

Literacy Home Learning Ideas:

  • Practice recognising tricky words by sight – I, and , the , to , me , is and he.
  • Practice writing your tricky words. You can make this fun by using plasticine, flour or sand.
  • Use your sound cards to practise sounds and to build CVC words.

Numeracy –

Our core numeracy activities this week included:

  • numeral identification to 10.
  • identifying the number before and after a given number up to 10
  • counting and creating auditory patterns 
  • making spatio- motor patterns
  • accurate counting of random arrays, dominoes patterns and pairs patterns.
  • creating a collection of a given amount.
  • revising number bonds to ten

Our challenge activities this week included:

  • counting short forward and backward sequences of numbers to 30 or 100.
  • numeral identification to 30 or 100
  • numeral identification to 100
  • counting two collections with the first screened
  • counting items in two screened collections.
  • describing and counting equal groups
  • partitioning visual patterns
  • revising number bonds to 20.

We also started a new focus on pattern this week which has been lots of fun and provided us with lots of opportunities to be creative. We explored shape, colour, size and simple number patterns.

Numeracy home learning ideas:

  • Look for numbers and patterns in the environment. (On buses, house numbers etc). 
  • Practise your number bonds to ten. 
  • Count backwards from 10 (or more if you feel up to a challenge). 

Other areas of the Curriculum:

  • We discussed the Festival of Diwali. We enjoyed listening to the story of Rama and Sita. We then explored how families celebrate Diwali and created some beautiful Rangoli patterns during outdoor learning time.
  • Our focus in Health and Wellbeing this week was on Anti – Bullying. Following on from our anti – bullying assembly we discussed how to ensure that we all feel safe, secure and respected while in our classroom. We also explored how to be kind and friendly to all our classmates.
  • In Outdoor PE this week we enjoyed focusing on movement and fitness.
  • In indoor PE this week we focused on ball skills. This included bouncing, rolling and catching. We are really enjoying being able to use this space.
  • We continued with our topic “People who help us”. This week we focused on people who help us in our family, and in our school.

Home Learning Ideas:

  • Practise using scissors correctly ( remember, thumb on top).
  • Please help your child to be able to put their coat on independently. We will help with buttons and zips where necessary, but we would really like all pupils to be able to put their arms in the sleeves by themselves. 
  • Practise catching, throwing and rolling a ball. 

Things to remember-

  • As the weather is getting cooler and wetter, please ensure your child comes to school in an appropriate coat and footwear. ( wellies are great on a rainy day as our playground can get very puddly).
  • If your child has had to change clothes any day, please remember to send new spare clothes the next day so that we don’t run out of dry socks – our playground is often full of puddles.
  • Our PE days are Monday and Tuesday. Please ensure that your child comes dressed appropriately.
  • As part of Children in Need we will be having “wear yellow and spots day” on Friday the 19th.

We are here to help and support you so please feel free to send in any questions or concerns via office admin or if you are happy to catch us at the door at the beginning/end of the day.

Thanks for your continued help and support.

We hope you enjoy a lovely, weekend!

Miss Wyatt 😊