Ms Collyns P7C

P7C week beginning 8.11.21

My highlight this week has been seeing the class’s communication skills projects. They all did an absolutely brilliant job and I really enjoyed learning more about some of their hobbies and interests. I was very impressed by those who chose to teach the class a new skill. Here are some photos of some of the things we were learning:

In maths we were focussing on division. We played sumdog challenges, made our own board games to practice our division facts and solved division word problems.

In literacy we:

  • Spelling – our rule this week looked at the bouncy e sound but spelt with ea like in head and threat.
  • Literature Circles – we chose our new books and divided the pages and chose our jobs for each week.
  • Writing – we wrote Remembrance Day acrostic poems focussing on using descriptive language.

Other learning:

  • PE – ceilidh dancing + capture the flag
  • Topic – we did an agreement line and thought about how climate change impacts on different countries.
  • German – we learnt the months of the year
  • We did SNSAs

Have a lovely weekend!

Ms Collyns and P7C