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Reflective Friday from P3M


  • We have been working on subtraction. We have tried different strategies including using empty number lines, function machines, split strategy and finding the difference. 
  • We started learning about time. We focused on analog clocks and discussed what the clock hands told us. We were learning how to read o’clock and half past. 


  • Spelling – As usual we continued with the wraparound spelling programme. Our words this week were: pick, mist, finish, gym, mystery, system, what, when
  • Reading – We continued reading aloud in our reading groups. Children are enjoying summarising their book to their peers. This is becoming a favourite part of the week! There have been some changes to reading groups this week, if you have any queries about your child’s reading please feel free to leave a note in their blue jotter. 
  • Writing- This week we wrote letters to world leaders at COP26. We described the impact of climate change and came up with suggestions of how we could slow it down. A lot of the class are still working on remembering full stops, capital letters and finger spaces. Some of us are thinking about how we can make our work more interesting with adjectives. 


  • Loose Parts was a big hit as always, the children are so creative with their play and have a brilliant time!
  • PE: we did a forest workout with Miss Scott this week. We also practiced ball skills in the hall and played some games, it was a lot of fun!
  • Science: Miss Scott worked with the class to learn about sound. They were learning about how different sounds were made and they focused on instruments. 
  • COP26 – We were learning about climate change. We discussed the causes, impact and some things we could do to slow down climate change. This learning was reflected in our writing lesson.
  • Art- we focused on Remembrance Day for our art this week. We based this on the poem ‘In Flanders Fields’ which we discussed on Thursday. The learners created their own field of poppies. We now have these displayed in the classroom, they are beautiful.  

Reflective Friday

“I enjoyed doing the poppies because they look very beautiful.”
“I loved doing the taking away sums.”
“I liked that we got to write letters about COP26.”
“I found it cool learning about time.”
“Loose parts was the best part of my week.”
“PE in the gym hall was my favourite part of the week.”
“Doing maths colour by number was good.” 
“I enjoy doing spelling because it helps me spell more stuff.”

Coming Up 

  • We are collecting empty kitchen roll tubes for an art activity. If you have any spare, please do send them in to school. 
  • PE will continue to be on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Next Week Spelling

We will be moving onto the short /o/ sound.

Our words: box, hop, shop, spot, shock, compose


  • A reminder of our drop off and collection times. Drop off is 8.45am and pick up is 3.10pm. We are aware of logistical issues this may bring with collecting other children, however we have got to stick to these timings for now and cannot let the class out before this. Sorry for any inconvenience caused!
  • Please ensure that your child has a change of clothes in school. As the ground gets damp, we are having more slips at break and lunch time. This can lead to children being cold and wet if they do not have spare clothes. 
  • We are working in school to improve our handwriting. We are focusing on making are it stays on the lines, is neater and in some cases smaller. If you are wanting to do some extra learning at home this is something that could be worked on.

Loose Parts

Some Photos

Sorry for the very long post this week!

Hope you have a great weekend and do give me a shout (or catch me at the door) if you have any queries at all.

Mrs McSporran