Miss Livesey P2L, Miss McGhee P2M

P2M and P2L Class Blog 19.11.21

Hello and Happy Friday P2! 


  • Sound of the week: -y 
  • Dictation: shy, cry, dry, spy, fry, try,  
  • Hold the sentence:  I am a fly in the sky.  
  • Tricky Words: revision of all 
  • Writing “Respected”  
  • Our writing ‘Star Steps’ for Term 1 are: 
  • Capital letters 
  • Finger spaces 
  • Full stops 
  • Sometimes learners will also receive an individual Star Step to support their learning 
  • Handwriting – cursive and pre-cursive writing practice. This includes drawing, colouring in and cutting to promote hand strength and pencil control.  


  • Reading/Literacy activities in class  
  • Reading Comprehension Activities  
  • BEAR Time: Be Excited About Reading (independent reading time)  
  • Spelling games to practice the long words in our books  
  • Completing a book review – this helps us to develop critical thinking skills  
  • We are also enjoying listening to and reading poetry.  


  • Continuing to explore Subtraction 
  • PACE subtraction challenge 
  • Subtraction Bingo  
  • Exploring pattern 
  • Finger painting repeating patterns 
  • Exploring what things can show patterns: colours, numbers, shapes 
  • We have moved on from telling the time – we will return to this in Term 3 

Other Curricular Areas 

  • RSHP: General Friendship focus –exploring making new friends in class  
  • Health and Well-being: Respected (writing) 
  • PE – Yoga and fitness – we now have access to the hall for PE once per week  
  • PE in the hall – ball skills  
  • French: Colours and Months of the year 
  • Anti-Bullying Week  
  • Children In Need 2021 Activities
  • Book Bags sent home today – Enjoy!

Let’s talk learning!  

  1. Tell me something you can do to look after the environment  
  1. Tell me about the PACE challenge 
  1. Can you tell me any words with the –y sound at the end 
  1. Tell me something you can do to be Eco Friendly 

P2 Mogs 

  • We have been exploring being Eco-Friendly and what we can do to be more ‘green’ 
  • Some learners decided to give up their lunch time play to do a Litter Pick in the playground – what a fantastic attitude towards our Buckstone Community! great job team…….. 

P2 Ladybirds 

  • Welcome back to Miss Livesey – we missed you lots!

Looking forward to next week 

  • Our new sound will be: oa 
  • Our writing will be titled ‘Responsible’ – linking with Health and Wellbeing.  
  • We will continue to explore pattern  

Extra Information/ polite reminders 

  • Home-learning: if you are keen to do a little extra at home the areas you could support in are; reading, tricky words and dictation 
  • Please remember to keep reading books at home Mon to Wed – returning them to school on Thursday 
  • As the weather is getting cooler, please ensure your child comes to school in an appropriate coat.  
  • A little reminder that it is important to bring your children to school for their given time (P2M 8:45, P2L 8:55) so that we can begin our learning as soon as possible.  
  • Buckstone Calendar – the photographer will be back on Wednesday 24th November to take the July – December Birthdays

We are here to help and support you, please feel free to send in any questions or concerns via office admin or if you are happy to, catch us at the door at the beginning/end of the day. 

Thanks for your continued help and support. 

We hope you enjoy a lovely weekend!  

The P2 Team 😊