Mrs Cross & Mrs De Bonrostro P1CD

P1 CD Reflective Friday 26.11.21

We hope you had a good week.

We would like to welcome Miss Clouston our new PSA.

In P1CD we have been busy learning.

Please continue to practice your word for the Nativity play as we will be recording it next week.

On Tuesday 30th we are inviting the children to wear something tartan, if they wish, to celebrate St Andrew’s Day.

Independent Learning


Our new sounds this week are c, k and ck. Our tricky words are was and want.

Handwriting: we have been working on the letter formation of i.

Writing: the theme this week was ‘When I was little’.


We had continued to work on our numeracy skills and we have learned about symmetry.

Other areas

  • This week we have started o learn about what post workers do. We now have questions ready for our next virtual visitor!
  • In outdoor PE we continue to walk our daily mile. We are building up the distance hoping that soon we will be able to walk a mile. We have worked on jumps: high and distance.
  • In indoor PE we have continued to work on underarm and overarm throwing using bean bags. We have worked on coordination skills and partner throwing and catching skills.
  • We have continued to explore electricity, discussing why electricity is important and what can be a hazard.
  • Outdoor learning: we did a number hunt around the streets. We loved the experience!
  • Loose parts.

Home learning ideas

  • Use your sound cards to build CVC words
  • Look for all of the tricky words we have learned so far in environmental print.
  • Look for letters and numerals in the environment – ( signs/buses/doors/car number plates etc). Do a letter hunt!
  • Practise how o write your name using correct letter formation
  • Count backwards carefully from 20. If this is very easy for you, try starting at 30 or more!
  • Learn your number bonds /number pairs that make 10 (or twenty)
  • Look for symmetrical objects or patterns around you on your walks and at home.
  • Please help your child to be able to put their coat on independently. Of course we will help with buttons and zips where necessary, but we would really like all pupils to be able to put their arms in the sleeves by themselves. Thank you

Other information

  • Please take care on the ‘pitch’ area of the playground at pick up time if a PE lesson is in progress. Please do not walk through a lesson, but stay as close to the edge of the pitch as possible. Thank you.
  • Snack and chat time lasts only 10 minutes, so please be mindful of how many snack items children are bringing.
  • PE will take place on Mondays (outdoorsand Thursday (indoors).
  • Please label all your child’s items (water bottles and tubs included).
  • Please say goodbye your child at the top of the steps and wave to them as they enter the classroom. Please remember to maintain the 2 metre distance at all times between adults. Please don’t come to the class door. If you have an urgent message for us email /phone the school office. Thank you for your understanding on this matter.
  • Please remember not to bring any nuts or nut products to school.
  • If your child has had to change clothes any day, please remember to send new spares clothes the next day so that we don’t run out of dry socks – our playground can get very puddly!

We hope you have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Cross, Mrs de Bonrostro and Miss Haggo