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P1cd Reflective Friday 3.12.21

Learning stories

Learning story comments will be published on ejournals at 1pm today. The children will bring home some examples of their learning in their purple folders. There is no need to return these, please keep them at home. However, should you be happy to do so, please return the plastic wallet so they can be reused in future. Thank you.

Looking forward to next week

Our nativity film is in the cutting room and should be ready to share with you next week!

Monday – class party. Children are invited to wear party clothes to school, but please bear in mind that these will be worn all day – even outdoors.

Friday – Christmas jumper day. and a trip to the woods. Please wear a warm outerlayer – all in one suits, or waterproof overtrousers are an excellent idea if you have them.

Stick collection

If anyone is walking in the woods over the weekend, or if you have a garden with trees, please could the children collect some sticks to be used in class for a craft activity. We need lots of sticks approximately 30cm long ( the length of a ruler) and around the thickness of a pencil. If you can help us find any, then please bring them to school to add to our collection.

Winter weather

We have a challenge for the children. If they cannot yet do zips independently (many can) then please make this a focus skill to practise at home.

Of course we will continue to help where necessary, some zips can be tricky, but it is an important life skill.

Independent Learning

Block play.

The learning benefits of Block play are too many to mention here, but we are happy to send you a powerpoint with further information should you wish.


This week our focus sounds were j and v. We introduced the new tricky words saw and no as well as revising our previously learned words.

Please support your child at home to learn to recognise, read and spell all of our tricky words by sight.

We have enjoyed reading together in our groups.

We are developing our motor skills to help us with handwriting. Our focus this week was numbers and the lowercase letter l.

Numeracy and maths

In maths this week we are continuing to explore symmetry

Our core numeracy skills this week included,

  • partitioning number patterns
  • consolidating our knowledge of number bonds to 10
  • numeral identification to 10,( focus on 6,7, 8 and 9)
  • identifying the number before a given number up to 10
  • establishing a collection of a given amount
  • counting and creating auditory patterns
  • accurate counting of random arrays
  • consolidating our knowledge of number bonds to 10
  • numeral identification to 10,( focus on 6,7, 8 and 9)
  • identifying the number before a given number up to 10
  • establishing a collection of a given amount
  • counting and creating auditory patterns
  • accurate counting of random arrays

Our challenge activities in numeracy were

  • finding the missing addend (mystery sums)
  • describing equal groups
  • numeral identification to 30
  • numeral identification to 100
  • ordering decades
  • identifying the number before a given number up to 30
  • counting short forward or backward sequences of numbers to 30 or 100
  • counting two collections with the first screened ( counting on strategy)

Other areas of the curriculum

  • Huge thanks to Mrs Hutchison who gave us some time on her day off to talk about her job as a postal worker. We were amazed to discover that she walks 12 miles and delivers around 1000 letters every day!
  • We enjoyed watching the Pantomime production of Cinderella.
  • We walked round the school to look at the Christmas window displays.
  • We danced to the sound of a Violin ( v is for……)
  • In indoor PE we started to use racquets – learning how to hold them and use them carefully and efficiently
  • We had an introduction to where electricity comes from – we discussed solar, wave and wind power.

Things to do at home :-

Talk about electrcity. Do you have solar panels on your roof? Have you ever seen a wind turbine?

Learn your number bonds /number pairs that make ten (or twenty)

Use your sound cards to build CVC words

Look for all of the tricky words we have learned so far in environmental print

Count backwards carefully from 20. If this is very easy for you, try starting at 30 or more!

Practise writing your name using correct standard letter formation for each letter in your name. You can watch this short video as a reminder of the correct route for each letter.
Play outdoors with a ball, practising catching, throwing and rolling.

Practise using scissors correctly ( remember, thumb on top)

Look for letters and numerals in the environment – ( signs/buses/doors/car number plates etc)

Please help your child to be able to put their coat on independently. Of course we will help with buttons and zips where necessary, but we would really like all pupils to be able to put their arms in the sleeves by themselves. Thank you

Things to remember:

  • Please take care on the ‘pitch’ area of the playground at pick up time if a PE lesson is in progress. Please do not walk through a lesson, but stay as close to the edge of the pitch as possible. Thank you.
  • Snack and chat time lasts only 10 minutes, so please be mindful of how many snack items children are bringing.
  • PE will take place on Mondays and Thursday .
  • Please label all your child’s items (water bottles and tubs included).
  • Please say goodbye your child at the top of the steps and wave to them as they enter the classroom. Please remember to maintain the 2 metre distance at all times between adults. Please don’t come to the class door. If you have an urgent message for us email /phone the school office. Thank you for your understanding on this matter.
  • Please remember not to bring any nuts or nut products to school.
  • If your child has had to change clothes any day, please remember to send new spares clothes the next day so that we don’t run out of dry socks – our playground can get very puddly!