Ms Collyns P7C

P7C week beginning, 6.1.22

Welcome back and Happy New year! I hope everyone had a relaxing and restful holiday!

Yesterday and today we have been learning:

We learnt the order of operations using BODMAS. BODMAS means brackets, orders, division, multiplication, addition and subtraction. If you have a division and a multiplication in the same sum, you go left to right. It’s the same for addition and subtraction. 

We learnt a new maths game called PIG (ask us how to play it!). We played maths games like jenga, risky 6 and kaboom. 

We done poem writing in literacy. We read some different poems. We thought about what we know already about different types of poems, and had a go at writing our own.

We set up new literature circles books. 

We did teamwork and democracy when we voted and debated on our point system and how to spend a class £30. 

Have a lovely weekend

Ms Collyns and P7C