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Reflective Friday – 21/01/22

Hello and happy Friday! We have had another busy week with lots of interesting learning going on.

Independent learning.


This week we have been revising the letter formation of the following letters, and then using the sounds to build three letter words. We also further practise these during our regular dictation time on a Friday morning.

It would be great if you could practice the correct letter formation for these letters at home to further support your child.

We have continued to enjoy developing our reading skills in class using our Oxford Reading Tree scheme.

Our handwriting focus this week was on the letter p.

Our writing prompt this week was a descriptive piece based around the prompt: “ My mum.” We are following the Foundations for writing programme. This involves developing our story telling skills by firstly using drawing to create a detailed picture which clearly tells a story, then retelling our story for an adult to ‘scribe’ for us and trying to write some familiar words on our own.

Maths and numeracy

We have continued with our focus on money.

We have continued to work on recognising coins and understanding their value. This week we began to explore the different coins we can use to make 10p.

We have continued with our SEAL numeracy programme.

Our core numeracy skills this week included,

  • numeral identification to 10,( focus on 6,7, 8 and 9)
  • identifying the number before a given number up to 10
  • establishing a collection of a given amount
  • counting and creating auditory patterns
  • accurate counting of random arrays, dominoes patterns and pairs.

Our challenge activities in numeracy were

  • describing equal groups
  • numeral identification to 30
  • numeral identification to 100
  • ordering patterns of 10 decades
  • identifying the number before a given number up to 30
  • counting short forward or backward sequences of numbers to 30 or 100
  • counting two collections with the first screened ( counting on strategy).

Health and Wellbeing – 

  • With Burns night fast approaching we have been focusing on Scottish dancing in PE.
  • In Outdoor PE our focus is on developing fitness.
  • We have been continuing to do our Daily Mile.

Other curricular areas

We started our new Scotland topic this week . We discussed what we already know about Scotland and what else we would like to find out. We are interested in the animals of Scotland and Scottish food.

We made shortbread which we really enjoying eating.

We enjoyed our first trip to the woods during Outdoor learning time.

We continued with our electricity topic. This week we looked at staying safe around electricity, where we use electricity in our daily lives and sources of electricity and other forms of energy such as solar and wind power.

We enjoyed our Outdoor loose parts session

Other information:

  • Miss Dowds will no longer be teaching the class on Thursdays and instead we will now have Mrs Haynes on a Tuesday.
  • Our PE days are on Monday and Tuesday. Please ensure that your child comes dressed appropriately.
  • Please ensure will your child has a full change of clothes in school.
  • Termly targets will be published on the Learning Journals this Friday (21/01).
  • On Thursday we have a ‘ Scottish Burns Supper.’ We will be providing cheese and oatcakes to eat. If you have any questions about the food please let us know.