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Reflective Friday – 04/02/2022

Hello and Happy Friday!

Independent Learning –


Spelling –

This week we have introduced the consonant digraphs wh and th along with the tricky words be and are.

Writing –

Our writing prompt this week was “My dragon …” We are focusing on developing our story telling skills by firstly using drawing to create a detailed picture which clearly tells a story, then retelling our story for an adult to ‘scribe’ for us and trying to write some familiar words on our own.

Reading –

We are continuing to enjoy reading in school and it is lovely to see the children getting more confident. As well as developing skills in decoding to read, the children are also developing their reading comprehension skills, including the cognitive strategies of activating, inferring, monitoring/clarifying, questioning, selecting, summarizing, and visualising.

Supporting reading development at home 

Reading books will come home after the February break ( more information nearer the time) but in the meantime there are many ways you can support your child at home to further develop early literacy skills which will have a direct impact on the work we are doing in school-

  • Reading to/with your child ( avoiding Oxford Reading tree texts please)
  • Vocabulary development.
  • Print Awareness – print in the environment- ‘reading’ signs & cereal packets etc
  • Narrative Skills – retelling familiar stories in their own words
  • Letter Knowledge -recognising the written letters in a variety of fonts
  • Phonological Awareness – do these sound the same/different? exploring rhyme etc
  • Blending/word building – using the sounds we know to decode or build words –

Numeracy and Maths –

In maths this week we have continued to learn about money. We have continued to focus on recognising coins and understanding their value. Please support your child at home to recognise coins by shape, colour and size as not all coins have a number on them. We have been using our knowledge of coins and number to make amounts of money using a range of coins.

We have also had a special focus this week on correctly forming the numerals.

We have continued with our SEAL programme.

Our Core skills this week included:

Our core numeracy skills this week included,

  • Establishing a collection of a given amount
  • partitioning number patterns
  • consolidating our knowledge of number bonds to 10
  • numeral identification to 10,( focus on 6,7, 8 and 9)
  • identifying the number before a given number up to 10
  • counting and creating auditory patterns
  • accurate counting of random arrays

Our challenge activities in numeracy were

  • describing equal groups
  • numeral identification to 30
  • numeral identification to 100
  • Sequencing off decade patterns of 10 decades
  • identifying the number before a given number up to 30
  • counting short forward or backward sequences of numbers to 30 or 100
  • counting two collections with the both screened ( counting on strategy)
  • Counting items in two collections with one set of items screened.

Other curricular areas

  • We enjoyed some Chinese dancing during Indoor PE.
  • We continued with our Fitness Focus during outdoor PE and did our Daily Mile.
  • We continued to explore Forces exploring how different surfaces impact on the speed of cars.
  • We enjoyed celebrating Chinese New Year. We explored the origins of this through some stories and then heard about how some members of our class celebrate. We have also done lots of art based activities based around the children’s interests. We made lanterns, paper dragons and good luck envelopes.
  • During Outdoor learning we created Chinese kites and took them outside to explore how the wind affected them, linking into our forces topic.

Ideas for supporting learning at home.

  • This is a great game for practising money recognition.
  • Look around the environment to see if you can find numerals ( buses, cars etc)
  • Use the blue sound cards to practice sounds and to build CVC words.
  • Look for all of the tricky words we have learned so far in environmental print
  • Practise writing your name using correct standard letter formation for each letter in your name. You can watch this short video as a reminder of the correct route for each letter.

We are here to help and support you, please feel free to send in any questions or concerns via office admin or if you are happy to, catch us at the door at the beginning/end of the day. 

Thanks for your continued help and support. 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! 

Miss Wyatt 😊