Miss Livesey P2L, Miss McGhee P2M

P2M and P2L Class Blog 18.03.2022

Hello and Happy Friday!

We hope you are all staying safe and well! We have had another busy week of learning and having fun………….


  • Sounds of the week: “br”, “cr”, “dr”, “fr”
  • Dictation: brush, crab, drum, frog, crash, drip
  • Hold the sentence:  The frog can play the drum.
  • Tricky Words: review of current block (reading)
  • Tricky Words: spelling
  • Writing “Exciting Writing!”
  • Writing: using exclamation marks to show our writing is exciting!   
  • Our writing ‘Star Steps’ for Term 2 are:
  • Capital letters, finger spaces, full stops (non-negotiables)
  • using different types of punctuation
  • Using exclamation marks
  • Sometimes learners will also receive an individual Star Step to support their learning
  • Handwriting – cursive letter formation
  • Handwriting – cursive and pre-cursive writing practice. This includes drawing, colouring in and cutting to promote hand strength and pencil control.


  • ORT books
  • Reading/Literacy activities in class
  • Spelling games- linked to words from the reading books
  • Completing a book review – this helps us to develop critical thinking skills
  • Reading our writing to the whole class (choice activity)


  • PACE multiplication challenge
  • Multiplication (5 Times Table)
  • Information Handling- Tally Marks and Bar Graphs
  • SEAL – sharing equal amounts

Other Curricular Areas

  • PE: Yoga and ball skills- we now have access to the hall for PE once per week
  • Art – our focus this term is art inspired by Monet. This week we explored Monet’s life and what inspired him to become an artist
  • Health and Well-being: P2 are now doing the ‘Daily Mile’.  Daily Mile does not make up part of our PE time.
  • Health and Well-being – Friendships and Acts of Kindness

Let’s talk learning!

  1. Can you tell me some words with the ‘br’ sound?
  2. Can you tell me who Monet is?
  3. Can you tell me about rainbow spelling?
  4. What level are you on the PACE challenge?

Wordle of the Week

P2 Mogs

  • This week, P2 have enjoyed learning about information handling. The children liked surveying each other’s eye colour and then turning this information into a bar graph. We also coloured in pictures of our eyes to create a class bar graph as part of a new display.
  • P2 enjoyed rainbow spelling. This was a new activity to most learners, and they liked being able to use coloured pencil to write their new words.

P2 Ladybirds

  • This week, P2L have enjoyed continuing to practice for the P2 show.
  • They also enjoyed playing a 2 and 5 times table boardgame with Miss McGhee on Tuesday

Can you complete the 5x table? Time yourself!

Looking forward to next week

  • New sound: gr, pr and tr
  • Tricky Words – spelling activity
  • Dictation
  • Hold the sentence
  • Writing
  • Reading: ORT books
  • Numeracy: PACE challenge (5 times table)
  • Numeracy: 2 and 5 times table
  • Maths: information handling
  • Health and well-being
  • PE- ball skills

Extra Information/ polite reminders

P2M- On Friday 25th March, P2M will be having a having a small goodbye party to say goodbye to Miss Mulholland. There will be nibbles (dietary requirements considered) and party games/prizes. Please feel welcome to wear party clothes if you wish!

We are here to help and support you, please feel free to send in any questions or concerns via office admin or if you are happy to, catch us at the door at the beginning/end of the day. We thank you for your understanding if you’ve had to wait a little longer than usual for a reply to emails – teaching staff will reply when they return to work.

Thanks for your continued help and support. We hope you all have a lovely weekend,

The P2 Team 😊