Mrs Cross & Mrs De Bonrostro P1CD

P1 CD Reflective Friday 25.03.22

Dear parents/carers,

We hope you had a nice week and that you enjoyed the lovely weather.

We had a busy week and we have made the most of our outdoor learning space outside the classroom and in the school grounds. We have started using our work bench.

This is this week’s learning:

Independent Learning


We have continued to work on our numeracy skills and worked on directions. We have introduced the Bee Bot app and the Bee Bots to work on directions as the same time as basic programming skills.

Core Numeracy skills:

  • adding two collections and finding a total
  • partitioning number patterns
  • consolidating our knowledge of number bonds to 10
  • numeral identification to 10,( focus on 6,7, 8 and 9)
  • identifying the number before a given number up to 10
  • establishing a collection of a given amount
  • consolidating our knowledge of number bonds to 10
  • numeral identification to 10,( focus on 6,7, 8 and 9)
  • identifying the number before a given number up to 10
  • establishing a collection of a given amount

Challenge Numeracy Skills:

  • describing equal groups
  • numeral identification to 30
  • numeral identification to 100
  • ordering off decade patterns of 10 decades
  • identifying the number before a given number up to 30
  • counting short forward or backward sequences of numbers to 30 or 100
  • counting two collections with the both screened ( counting on strategy)
  • finding a subtrahend by counting back


Our consonant blends this week are cl and fl. Our tricky words here and into.

We played with clay, we learned clapping games, we played with flour, we painted flowers, we flew kites and Mrs Cross played the clarinet for us!


Thank you for returning all books on Monday ready for distribution to other groups/classes. If books are not returned this unfortunately may have impact on the learning experiences of the P1 pupils.

We are excited to see to children growing in confidence as readers and enjoying sharing books together. Alongside the simple reading of the written word, we are developing the children’s reading comprehension skills, exploring the cognitive strategies of activating, inferring, monitoring/clarifying, questioning, searching/selecting, summarizing, and visualising.

Supporting reading development at home

  • Reading to/with your child ( avoiding Oxford Reading tree texts please)
  • Vocabulary development.  
  • Print Awareness – print in the environment- ‘reading’ signs & cereal packets etc
  • Narrative Skills – retelling familiar stories in their own words
  • Letter Knowledge -recognising the written letters in a variety of fonts
  • Phonological Awareness – do these sound the same/different? exploring rhyme etc
  • Blending/word building – using the sounds we know to decode or build words –


We read the book Flip Flap Safari and inspired on this book we have created our own animals and described them: made a name using the names of the animals we mixed and described them.

At handwriting we revised how to form the letter e and cl.

Other areas

In PE we have worked on balancing and landing safely outdoors and indoors we have started to work on rolling.

As part of or RSHP programme we have worked on: Saying Yes Saying No/ Early Consent Messages.

At Music we have worked on clapping games.

Home learning ideas

  • Please continue to work on the home earning sound sheet at home.
  • This week some children have taken the key sight vocabulary for the reading books that they are reading. Please continue to reinforce these at home.
  • Why don’t make a treasure hunt or a map where your child has to give you instructions how to get to a place?
  • Enjoy reading to your child at home (not only the reading books!). This will increase their vocabulary.


  • We are looking forward to meeting you online next week for parents consultations.
  • We ask that the children come to school with a water bottle every day. This bottle can be filled at school and refilled during the day as well. The children are encouraged to drink water throughout the day to keep hydrated. We would ask that parents encourage their children to drink water rather than juice and avoid filling water bottles with juice. We are promoting healthy habits which will continue into adulthood and drinking water regularly is great for your health! Thank you for your support with this.
  • Please remember to label all your child’s items. We have an unnamed sweatshirt in the classroom.

Have a wonderful Mother’s Day on Sunday!

Mrs Cross and Mrs de Bonrostro