Miss Wyatt P1W, Primary 1

Reflective Friday – 25/03/2022

Hello and Welcome back! We have been enjoying the sunshine this week and have had lots of time enjoying it in our Outdoor area and during Outdoor Learning Time.

Please discuss with your child what they have been learning and what skills they are developing as they play. The STEM area continues to be popular. Thank – you so much for all the donations. The children have made some amazing inventions. This week we had a tiger play area and a cat toy!

A house.
A bug!

This week we have introduced the cl and fl sounds along with the tricky words into and here. We enjoyed modelling with clay, colouring in clowns, painting and chopping up flowers and testing which objects could float in water.

Our writing prompt this week was “ My animal.” We read Flip – Flap Farm and made up our own nonsense animals. Lots of us are becoming increasingly independent and using our knowledge of tricky words and phonetic knowledge to write some great pieces.

Handwriting –

In handwriting this week we focused on correctly forming the c and l letter shapes.

Reading –

Mon – Thursday in school we will introduce a new title and any new vocabulary in the book. Alongside the simple reading of the written word, we will be developing the children’s reading comprehension skills, exploring the cognitive strategies of activating, inferring, monitoring/clarifying, questioning, searching/selecting, summarizing, and visualising.

On Thursday the children will bring their book home to showcase their learning. Please enjoy sharing the book with your child and encourage their successes. It may appear that the book is ‘too easy’, but please be mindful of the fact that they are sharing a familiar text. If you wish to give them a challenge, try reading the book from back to front starting with the final word of the final sentence. This makes no sense at all, but the children enjoy this activity and it allows them to read the words without the context of meaning or memory.

Please return the title to school on Monday.

We would ask that you avoid the temptation to buy Oxford Reading tree texts for home use as this can have an impact on the children’s learning activities in class – e.g., it is tricky to predict the outcome of the story if they have already read it at home. Thank you for your support in this.

Other ways to support reading development at home

· reading books of their own choice

· Vocabulary.

· Print Awareness. … print in the environment- ‘reading’ signs & cereal packets etc

· Narrative Skills. … retelling familiar stories in their own words

· Letter Knowledge. … recognising the written letters in a variety of fonts

· Phonological Awareness – do these sound the same/different? exploring rhyme etc

· Blending/word building – using the sounds we know to decode or build words – check the blog for our home learning sheet which will be posted most weeks.

Numeracy and Maths –

In Maths this week we continued exploring our Position and Directions topic. We focused on the directions of left and right, in particular as lots of us were finding this tricky.

We continued with our SEAL assessments and correct numeral formation.

Other curricular areas:

  • We enjoyed working on our co-ordination and balance skills in Indoor PE. We focused on jumping in different ways and landing safely.
  • In Outdoor PE we played a variety of games to develop our spatial awareness, listening and teamwork skills.
  • We continued with our spring mini topic. We thought about which animals are born in springtime and created birdfeeders to help look after the birds in our playground. We identified the kinds of birds that we might find in our garden in springtime. We enjoyed discussing which animals hibernate over winter and wake up in spring time. We then made clay hedgehog pots. We will plant cress in these next week.
  • In Health and Wellbeing this week we looked at the issue of Saying Yes/No and Early Consent messages. This is part of our RSHP programme. Please see the link below for more information. https://rshp.scot/early-level/asking-questions-making-choices-saying-yes-saying-no-early-consent-messages/
  • We enjoyed some body percussion, exploring sound and rhythm, through clapping and tapping different body parts.
  • We made cards for Mother’s Day.
  • We enjoyed doing woodwork with Miss Campbell. We learned how to safely hammer a nail onto a piece of wood.

Important information:

  • Thank – you to everyone who provided a spare change of clothes – our playground is full of puddles and very wet at the moment so spare socks are especially useful at the moment!
  • Remember to return your child’s reading book on Monday. Your child needs to bring the purple folder in order to take the reading book home.
  • Please, if you can, continue to provide junk for our STEM area. Thank – you to everyone who has provided some so far.
  • Next Thursday, we will be making Easter egg nests using chocolate, shreddies and chocolate Easter eggs. We have taken into account dietary requirements and allergies. However, please get in touch if you have any concerns or questions.

Ideas for supporting learning at home.

  • Play the game Simon Says using direction words such as backwards, forwards, behind , in front and left and right.
  • Look around the environment to see if you can see the numerals (buses/ cars). Etc
  • Use the blue sound cards to practice sounds and build CVC words.
  • Practice writing your tricky words. You could use a variety of materials to do this such as paint, foam and plasticine.
  • Show of your new balancing skills but finding things in your garden or local park to balance on.
  • Please help your child to put their coat, shoes independently. You could start to practise how to do zips and buttons as a challenge.

We are here to help and support you, please feel free to send any questions or concerns via the office admin or if you are happy catch me at the door at the beginning or end of the day.

Thanks for your continued help and support.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Miss Wyatt