Miss Livesey P2L, Miss McGhee P2M, Primary 2

Hello and Happy Friday P2!

It was lovely to talk about all the children’s amazing learning at Parents Consultations – thank you for being so supportive!

Good Luck to all our Buckstone Learners performing in their dance show Thursday, Friday and Saturday – remember to smile and enjoy every moment, you are all super stars!

Next Thursday (07.04.2022) P2 will be recording their performance of ‘This Is Me’.  We are inviting the children to wear clothes that they feel like themselves in – dress to suit their personality! The recording will be shared on our school YouTube channel – this is password protected (passwords will be shared via email on Friday 8th).


  • Sound of the week: bl, cl, gl, sl, fl, pl
  • Dictation: blush, cloth, flat, glen, plum, slim
  • Hold the sentence: “I like plum jam on my toast”
  • Tricky Words: review of current block (reading)
  • Tricky Words: spelling
  • Writing “Ice Cream”
  • Writing: using question marks  
  • Our writing ‘Star Steps’ for Term 2 are:
  • Capital letters, finger spaces, full stops (non-negotiables)
  • Using different types of punctuation
  • Using exclamation marks/question marks
  • Sometimes learners will also receive an individual Star Step to support their learning
  • Handwriting – cursive letter formation
  • Handwriting – cursive and pre-cursive writing practice. This includes drawing, colouring in and cutting to promote hand strength and pencil control.


  • ORT books
  • Reading/Literacy activities in class  
  • Completing a book review – this helps us to develop critical thinking skills  
  • Reading our writing to the whole class (choice activity)


  • Revision of subtraction strategies
  • PACE multiplication challenge
  • Counting in 5s
  • Multiplication (5 Times Table)
  • Information Handling – Pie Charts

Other Curricular Areas

  • PE: Yoga, ball skills – we now have access to the hall for PE once per week
  • Health and Well-being: P2 are now doing the ‘Daily Mile’.  Daily Mile does not make up part of our PE time.
  • Health and Well-being – Disabilities (visible and invisible)

Let’s talk learning!

  1. Can you tell me some words with your new sounds: bl, cl, gl, sl, fl, pl, bl
  2. Can you tell what you ordered on your ice-cream (writing)
  3. Can you tell me something you know about Pie Charts
  4. Tell me your favourite thing about school this week

Word(le) of the Week!

P2 Mogs

  • Miss McGhee is looking forward to seeing the Friday night dance performance – good luck!
  • We have changed the way we do reading in class – this is how it looks now……..

HLP Reading Groups 

  Teacher Task Pairs Task Individual Task  
Monday  orange, green  
 reading skills    
yellow  purple,   
pairs basket 
red, blue,  
 Individual basket  
Tuesday red, blue,   
reading skills    
orange, green  
 pairs basket 
yellow  purple,  
 Individual basket 
Wednesday  yellow  purple,   
reading skills    
red, blue,  
 pairs basket 
orange, green   
Individual basket 
  • Teacher Task – focussed reading/reading skills: on the carpet with Miss McGhee
  • Pairs Task – activities in basket: find a partner and take an activity to do together from the ‘pairs basket’
  • Individual Task – activities in basket: take an activity from the ‘individual basket’ and complete independently
  • BEAR Time – we have also added extra reading time into our timetable. We now have BEAR (Be Excited About Reading) time on a Monday and Thursday. This means when your child brings the book home on a Monday, they have already made a start and can finish it on a Thursday if they didn’t manage to at home.

P2 Ladybirds

  • It has been lovely being back with the children this week after being off. I enjoyed speaking to you all at Parents consultations, thank you for your time and support.
  • Loose Parts – We enjoyed our Loose Parts session on Tuesday afternoon. The children had lots of fun imagining they were bakers and creating a fairy land.
  • We have been working hard on practising for our show, which we are recording next Thursday, and the children are excited about getting together with P2M for this!
  • BEAR Time – we are going to be adding extra reading time into our timetable from next week. We will have BEAR (Be Excited About Reading) time on a Monday and Thursday. This means when your child brings the book home on a Monday, they have already made a start and can finish it on a Thursday if they didn’t manage to at home.

Looking forward to next week

  • New sound
  • Dictation
  • Hold the sentence
  • Writing
  • Reading: ORT books
  • Numeracy: PACE challenge (5 times table)
  • Numeracy: subtraction and multiplication
  • Numeracy: 5 times table
  • Maths: information handling (Pie Charts)
  • Health and well-being: Emotions
  • PE
  • Music – ‘This is Me’ performance

Extra Information/ polite reminders

Please can you encourage your children to keep toys/collecting cards at home – they are becoming a distraction to learning.

We are here to help and support you, please feel free to send in any questions or concerns via office admin or if you are happy to, catch us at the door at the beginning/end of the day.

Thanks for your continued help and support. We hope you all have a lovely weekend,

The P2 Team 😊