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P1W Weekly Blog – 01/06/2022

Hello! We have had a short but fun and busy week in school.

Sw for Swan
Sw for swan

Sounds and Tricky Words –

Our new sounds this week are sw. We enjoyed creating swans and designing a sweetie house. We also recapped all the Block 1,2 and 3 Tricky Words we have covered so far.

Writing –

Our writing prompt this week was “ My castle.” We designed lots of castles that were fit for royalty. Lots of us are becoming increasingly independent and using our knowledge of tricky words and phonetic knowledge to write some great pieces.

Handwriting –

In handwriting this week we focused on correctly forming the w letter shape. We also practiced writing some words linked to our sounds and tricky words including sweet and swim.

Reading –

We are not sending home reading books this week.

Numeracy and Maths –

In Maths this week we continued with our SEAL programme.


  • Subtractive tasks using a row.
  • Describing visible arrays
  • Building visible arrays
  • Counting the number of jumps backwards from b to a.
  • Doubling numbers to 20
  • Counting forwards and backwards within 100.
  • Partitioning into equal shares.
  • Saying the number word before up to 30.
  • Counting backwards from 30.
  • Numeral identification to 20.

Core –

  • Counting items in two collections
  • Identifying numbers to 20.
  • Saying the next number word backwards from 20.
  • Saying the next number word forwards to 20.
  • Using finger patterns to keep track of temporal sequences of sounds.

Other curricular areas:

PE –

  • We have been working on improving our fitness skills in Outdoor PE.
  • In Indoor PE we have been focusing on dance. We have been practising for our Jubilee dance performance.


  • We loved showing off our dance moves and singing along at our Jubilee Party.
  • We drew pictures for our time capsule.
  • We have been learning about the Royal family and took part in a quiz.
  • We created some bunting for our windows.

Science –

We measured how tall our tomato plants have grown and re- potted them.

Music –

Over the next few weeks we will be having music lessons provided by the Youth Music Initiative. We enjoyed our first session on Tuesday morning. We learned some new songs.

Ideas for supporting learning at home.

  • Can you tell me how long the Queen has ruled for?
  • How tall is your tomato plant?
  • Can you tell me a word that begins with the sw sound?
  • Can you show me a way to improve your fitness?

Important information

As we have many queries regarding class allocation for next year we would like to share with you the procedure for setting up groups from City of Edinburgh Council.

Regardless of the type of class, the same selection criteria must be used for all classes in a given school. Head Teachers will use a range of criteria. The selection criteria include:
• Meeting learners needs
• Age (stage appropriate)
• Friendships
• Gender balance
• Exceptional circumstances
Not all the above criteria need to be used but more than one criterion must be used.
The specific criteria chosen will vary across schools, and professional judgment will be used to best meet the needs of learners in individual schools.
There is no appeals process for parents unhappy with decisions.

We are here to help and support you, please feel free to send any questions or concerns via the office admin or if you are happy catch me at the door at the beginning or end of the day.

Thanks for your continued help and support.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and enjoy the extra few days off!

Miss Wyatt