Ms Collyns P7C

P7C week beginning 30.5.22

We enjoyed celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee in the sunshine today! We have been working hard on our show but need to be practising the songs to get them word perfect.

Elsewhere, we have been learning:


Single Word Spelling Test

Newspaper articles – we investigated the features of a newspaper article and started planning our own article.

We read chapters 8 and 9 of The Secret Garden and wrote a diary entry as if we were Mary.


We started a new topic on money. We looked at money word problems and learnt how to calculate profit and loss. Some of us learnt how to calculate a percentage profit or loss.

We sold all our stocks and worked out if we had made a profit or a loss.

Other areas

Jubilee celebrations

Show practice

Self portraits for the time capsule

PE – tennis

Enjoy the long weekend everyone!

Ms Collyns and P7C