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Reflective Friday – 17/06/22

Hello and happy Friday!

A swamp

Sounds and Tricky Words –

Our new sounds this week are nk and mp. We enjoyed making things out of pink items, junk modelling and stamping and jumping. Our tricky words this week are should and could.

Writing –

Our writing prompt this week was “My new teacher.” Lots of us are becoming increasingly independent and using our knowledge of tricky words and phonetic knowledge to write some great pieces.

Handwriting –

In handwriting this week we focused on correctly forming the k letter shape. We also practiced writing some words linked to our sounds and tricky words including pink, ramp, should and could.  

Reading –

This is our last week of reading before the summer. Please return the title to school on Monday.

Ways to support reading development at home

· reading books of their own choice

· Vocabulary.

· Print Awareness. … print in the environment- ‘reading’ signs & cereal packets etc

· Narrative Skills. … retelling familiar stories in their own words

· Letter Knowledge. … recognising the written letters in a variety of fonts

· Phonological Awareness – do these sound the same/different? exploring rhyme etc · Blending/word building – using the sounds we know to decode or build words – check the blog for our home learning sheet which will be posted most weeks.

Numeracy and Maths –

We started our fractions topic this week. We discussed the terminology of whole and half. As a challenge we also looked at quarters. We also looked at halving numbers. We especially enjoyed making and eating pizzas.

We also continued with our focus on SEAL.


  • Subtractive tasks using a row.
  • Describing visible arrays
  • Building visible arrays
  • Counting the number of jumps backwards from b to a.
  • Doubling numbers to 20
  • Counting forwards and backwards within 100.
  • Partitioning into equal shares.
  • Saying the number word before up to 30.
  • Counting backwards from 30.
  • Numeral identification to 20.

Core –

  • Counting items in two collections
  • Identifying numbers to 10.
  • Saying the next number word backwards from 20.
  • Saying the next number word forwards to 20.
  • Using finger patterns to keep track of temporal sequences of sounds.

Other curricular areas:

Health and Wellbeing –

  • We continued with our focus on dance and fitness in PE.
  • We discussed change and how to manage our emotions and feelings when we might feel nervous or uncertain. We discussed strategies that might help us out such as talking to an adult or a friend.
  • We enjoyed meeting our new teachers this week and exploring our new classroom.

Outdoor Learning –

  • During Outdoor Learning we enjoyed going outside to create pizzas out of natural items. We then practised halving and quartering these. We also practiced writing words with our new sounds using chalk in the playground.

Charity Focus –

  • We created cards to send to the Edinburgh School Uniform bank to thank the volunteers for all their hard work. We would greatly appreciate donations of new plain white school polo shirts in any size from age 5-13 or school socks of any size. These can be bought from most supermarkets this term. Please send any donations to school with your child by Friday 24th June.

Music –

  • We enjoyed another music session with the YMI.

Loose Parts –

Ideas for supporting learning at home.

  • Can you write the tricky words of the week.
  • Can you cut a food item in half. Or into quarters as a challenge.
  • Can you tell your adult about your new classroom and teacher.

Important information:

  • Please, if you can, continue to provide junk for our STEM area. Thank – you to everyone who has provided some so far.
  • Reading books must be returned on Monday.
  • We will have a loose parts session on Wednesday.

We are here to help and support you, please feel free to send any questions or concerns via the office admin or if you are happy catch me at the door at the beginning or end of the day.

Thanks for your continued help and support.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Miss Wyatt