At the end of each academic year Blog Posts which have been created against each class are archived for reference purposes.

Archived Posts for 2014/15 can be found here.

Archived Posts for 2015/16 can be found here.

The posts are displayed in date sequence. To help you track down a particular post, each post has been “tagged” to the stage which created it.

Find a post with the “tag” you are looking for, “click” on the tag and it will filter the information on the screen to only show posts tagged with the stage you are interested in.

Or follow the tag links below –

14/15-P7, 14/15-P6, 14/15-P5, 14/15-P4/5, 14/15-P4, 14/15-P3/4, 14/15-P3, 14/15-P2, 14/15-P1, 14/15-Nursery

15/15-P7, 15/16-P6, 15/16-P5/6, 15/16-P5, 15/16-P4/5, 15/16-P4, 15/16-P3, 15/16-P2, 15/16-P1, 15/16-Nursery