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P5W Reflective Friday 20.12.19

It’s been a fantastic term here in P5W! Some of our highlights have been:

  • Maths mysteries – especially when some of us created our own!
  • Learning different types of conjunctions
  • Practising our handwriting and making it much neater
  • Winning points for our tables and participating in the table competition
  • Playing a P5W football match. It was so close at 5-4 in overtime!
  • Learning how to draw in art
  • Practising our reading, spelling and maths in SumDog
  • Putting together our learning stories
  • Making our own TeeJay books
  • Competing in our Christmas singing competition (congratulations to Bells, who won!)
  • Wearing our Christmas jumpers and hats to school
  • Going on a trip to the cinema to see Frozen 2
  • Celebrating our birthdays
  • Presenting our research projects about the environment
  • Doing daily mindfulness
  • ZooLab visiting us with different animals
  • Designing our own Pudsy bears
  • Creating our own comic books
  • Decorating our Christmas star
  • Sharing our medals and achievements
  • Skills time and playing outside
  • Getting our flu immunisations
  • Participating in whole-school learning teams
  • Creating table flags
  • Going to Broomlee and performing our P5 assembly for parents

It’s been a huge pleasure teaching P5 this year, and while I’m sad to be saying goodbye as the P5W class teacher, I’m thrilled to be staying on at Buckstone in the new year. I hope all children and families have a fantastic holidays, and I look forward to seeing you all again in January.

– Ms Wilson

P5W Reflective Friday 13.12.19

We’ve had a very festive week this week in P5W, starting with watching the P1 Nativity performance and finishing with our Christmas jumper day today. We also enjoyed the stalls run by parents and P7, and we’re especially proud of P7 for raising so much money in their ‘Grow a Fiver’ enterprise. Next week is our last week before Winter break!

Main Teaching Points / Spelling Rules:

  • To change a word ending in y to plural change the y to i and add es.
  • If the letter before the y in the singular word is a vowel, simply add s.

lorry                     lorries

army                     armies

injury                   injuries

family                   families

lady                      ladies

reply                     replies

raspberry              raspberries

daisy                    daisies

country                 countries

tray                      trays

monkey                monkeys

holiday                 holidays


gone                     done

P5W Reflective Friday 29.11.19

Here are some of our Reflective Fridays from this week. This week’s SumDog challenge is for reading, and children are encouraged to keep practising their spelling and times tables. Book chapters for this week can be found on our previous blog post.

A reminder to all families that the Christmas Fair on Saturday has been cancelled and will be rescheduled for the new year. I hope that all children who have been off have a restful weekend and are feeling better next week.

Main Teaching Points / Spelling Rules:

  • ous says us in the final syllable
  • To support the breaking up of words into syllables as a spelling strategy, e.g. tre / men / dous, scan / dal / ous














country                 school

P5W Reading 26.11.19

I hope all children who are currently off are feeling better soon! To ensure no pupil is left behind in their reading, here is the home learning for next week. Groups this week have been assigned their number of chapters taking pupil absence into consideration. If your child is absent but has been assigned a new book I am happy to send it home on request and we will re-read chapters as necessary next week.

A Boy and a Bear in a Boat – New book! Read chapter 1 for next week.

Daisy and the Trouble with Sports Day – Read up to the end of chapter 18 for next week.

How to Train Your Dragon – Read up to the end of chapter 15 for next week.

My Brother is a Superhero – Read up to the end of chapter 18 for next week.

The Sheep-Pig – New book! Read chapter 1 for next week.

Stanley and the Japanese Ninja Surprise – Read up to the end of chapter 4 for next week.

P5W Reflective Friday 22.11.19

Here are some of our Reflective Fridays from this week. A quick reminder to families that we are collecting donations for our Christmas hamper starting on Monday. Our theme is ‘international’ and we would appreciate any donations!

This week I have set a times tables challenge on SumDog. Keep practising your times tables and spelling words, and read your assigned book chapters for next week.

P5W Spelling 20.11.19

Main Teaching Points / Spelling Rules:

  • ture says chur in the final syllable
  • To support the breaking up of words into syllables as a spelling strategy














heard          herd

P5W Reflective Friday 15.11.19


We have continued reading our group novels and are really enjoying them. We are working on reading aloud with fluency and expression. We completed a comprehension task on Remembrance Day. We used SumDog to reinforce our spelling rules and found it quite challenging! We have also started publishing recounts we wrote about Broomlee and the holidays in the form of news articles, bulletins and brochures.

Home learning activity: Continue reading your group novel and record the chapters on your reading log.

Maths and numeracy:

We continued learning about how to calculate perimeter, including the perimeter of irregular shapes. We looked at how to figure out the missing sides of a shape when they are not all labelled. We also completed a times tables challenge and each chose a particular times table to focus on learning automatic recall.

Home learning activity: Practise your chosen times table – challenge yourself to see how quickly you can recall the times tables facts.

Other areas of the curriculum: In art, we designed our own Pudsey bears for Children in Need. In Mandarin, we learned how to write some common characters. We have spent a lot of time rehearsing for our P5 Broomlee assembly, which we performed to a fantastic crowd or parents this morning.

P5W Reflective Friday 8.11.19


This week we have continued reading and discussing our group novels. We have focused on comprehension activities and completed reading challenge cards. In spelling, we have learned about the ‘tion’ spelling and looked for other words that follow this spelling rule.

Home learning activity: All students have reading homework to complete for next week that can be recorded on their reading logs.

Maths and numeracy:

We have begun learning how to figure out the perimeter of simple shapes like rectangles. We also looked at using strategies like bridging, partitioning and columns to solve subtraction problems that involve trading. We completed a maths mystery and have also begun an Edinburgh-wide SumDog challenge.

Home learning activity: We have taken our SumDog logins home and can continue to earn points for Buckstone Primary until November 14th.

Other areas of the curriculum: This week we have continued to learn about mime in drama and dance during Weekly Wake Up. We are focusing on fitness in P.E. and have completed a multi-stage fitness test. We also began writing our scripts for our Broomlee assembly next week – we hope to see lots of parents come along at 9am next Friday!

Spelling 4.11.19

Main Teaching Points / Spelling Rules:

  • tion says shun in the final syllable.   This is the most regularly used spelling of the sound shun as a final syllable.
  • To support  the breaking up of words into syllable as a spelling strategy, e.g. in / ven / tion, op / er / a / tion














own                      one

P5W Reflective Friday 1.11.19


We celebrated the changing seasons by writing Autumn poems using our five senses. We needed to use describing words to make our poems interesting. We started our new reading books this week and will be discussing these throughout the term.

Home learning: Make sure you’re completing your reading homework and practising our spelling rules – these can be found in our previous blog post.

Maths and numeracy:

We have been learning to use different strategies to solve addition problems, including partitioning, bridging and ‘chimney stack’ trading. A particular highlight was getting to teach these strategies to our parents during the Sharing Our Learning session. We also looked at finding symmetry in shapes.

Home learning: Have a look at objects around your house. Which ones have symmetry?

Other areas of the curriculum: We started drama this week and learned about acting and mime, like how to use our facial expressions. We also planted some daffodil bulbs to tie in with our topic focus on the environment. We are taking these home, so they should be kept outside and will start to grow around March.