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Turnhouse Community News

Scarlet in P3M got 1st in her dance competion. Wow!

Ross in P6B ran 11.3miles in 2 hours 42 minutes. Fab!

Dexter in P6B did an obstacle course and came first. Great!

Alistair in P6B did a 200metre sprint and got a new record. Epic!

Max in P6F has the Premier League coming up. Good Luck!

Dani in P6F won a 1 mile race and came 2nd. Good Job!

Amelie,Hannnah D and Rebekah climbed Ben Lomond and then Ben Nevis.  Awesome!


Wednesday Womblers Litter Picking

Matthew and Andy are organising a clean up of the woods behind the playground and are hoping you would like to help!

The clean up sessions will be on three Wednesdays: 25th May, 1st June and 8th June.

We will meet at the benches beside the P2 doors after school.

Please help us to make our environment better!



Harbour Community News May 2016

Ella in P3F got a silver in her ballet exam!  Well Done!

Ellie in P3F climbed a Munroe called Schiehallion!  Nice!

Max in P3F played in Tynecastle stadium.  Impressive!

Callum in P4G won a tennis competition and got a trophy!  Excellent!

Adam and Craig (both in P4G) football team was unbeaten!  Wow!

Adam in P6B got a solo in cello.  ‘MusiCOOL’!

Mark in P6b is in the next round of a football tournament! Fab!

Jamie J in P6B got a silver medal in a swimming competition for 50m butterfly!  Brilliant!

Jared in P6B came 4th in a swimming competition!  Nice!

Max in P3M got an orange cap in swimming!  Keep up the good work!  😉

Ben in P3M moved up to bronze in swimming!  Well done!

Daniel in P3M also moved up to  gold in swimming!  Cool!

Max E in P3M moved up into gold!  Wow!

Maggie in P3M moved up into improvers.  Brill!

Carla in P3M went rock climbing and got to the top.  Fab!

Abbi in P3M got gold in ballet!  Brill!





Turnhouse Community News April 2016

Scarlett in P3M started Brownies.  Cool!

Jack in P5/6W is proud of running a mile in Go Run For Fun.  Wow!

Dexter in P6B got 3m 83cm in a long jump!  Amazing!

Alistair in P6B also did a long jump and got 3m 21cm!  Fab!

Lilli in P6B moved up a belt in Tae Kwon Do.  Awesome!

Dani in P6F did a football match and won 18-1.  Wow!

Max in P6F is in the Newspaper as he is in Oliver at the Playhouse!  Cool!  He also met Susan Boyle!

Libby, Emily and Skye in P6 did a bake sale for PDSA and rasied £125!  Amazing!

Liam in P7M won a rugby tournament.  Fab!

Georgia in P4C got her roundoff off a beam.  Wow!

Carys in P4G moved up to academy in street dance.  Cool!

Alisa in P4G became a seconder in Brownies.  Amazing!

Micheal in P4/5 made a robot out of connects.  Wow!

The whole of p4/5 are happy to have done Go Run For Fun.  Cool!

Harbour Community News April 2016

Maggie in P3M moved up into brownies – Cool!

Carla in P3M Moved up in swimming – Wow!

Ella in P3F did her ballet exam – Awesome!

Adam in P4G football team beat Redhall 5-4 – Great!

Chloe and Emily in P6B had their hair cut for charity – Amazing!

Adam in P6B cycled over 100km over 2 days – Fab!

Hayley in P6B came 1st in a race – Brilliant!

Mark in P6B got picked for the East of Scotland tennis team – Marvellous!

Anna L in P7M swam 1k for Sports Relief – Wow!

Ria in P7M is going to cycle to Glasgow to Edinburgh- Fantastic!

Cameron in P7M got into Edinburgh Badminton Squad- Well done!



Farewell Mrs Palmer!

Here are a few photographs from Mrs Palmer’s special presentations from the children.  Everyone had fun preparing something special for her last day.  We had performance poems, role plays, an alliterative a-z, raps and much more!  Mrs Palmer enjoyed it all and she even earned ‘Palmer Points’ from the primary 7 children.


Easter Decorations for Marie Curie

The whole school had lots of fun making Easter decorations for Marie Curie last week.  The Hospice held a very successful afternoon tea party.  The decorations were a great success and were commented on by many people.

Here are a few photos from the event:

Buckstone Primary



Buckstone Says NO to Bullying

A reminder that our anti-bullying wristbands will be on sale from Monday 7 March 2016 at 50p each.  They are purple and bear the slogan: Buckstone says no to bullying.  They are a great way to show support for our anti-bullying approach.

Buckstone Kindness Award

We have introduced a new Kindness Award at Buckstone Primary.  The idea is that children and adults nominate children who they think deserve the award because they have been especially kind in a specific situation/s.  The nominations are made in the school office and the successful nominee is presented with the award at assembly.  The award recipient takes home a certificate and has their name engraved on the kindness trophy.  Ruby F is the first child to receive the award in recognition of kindness.  Congratulations to Ruby it is so important to be kind to others.