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What have we been learning in P2D this week? (Week beginning 8.1.18)


No reading home this week. We are continuing to read poems during literacy time.


We are identifying verbs in poems. We are continuing to revise all magic ‘e’ sounds.


  • We have been ordering the months of the year- which month comes after March? Which month is the sixth month of the year? How many days are in May?
  • We are finding the missing number in an addition calculation

3 +      = 12                   27 +         = 36                         How many jumps between 27 and 36?

Work on this at home with a parent/carer. Bring in an example to share 🙂


We are beginning a new topic next week. We will keep you updated!

What we have enjoyed this week:

  • Changing seats!
  • Seeing our friends!
  • Painting Claude Monet inspired art
  • Beginning our new ‘Secret Student’ strategy.
  • Organising our classroom- taking responsibility for areas and wall displays!
  • Performing a poem in a group

What we would like to work on next week?

  • Identifying different flags
  • Create a new role play area in our classroom

Welcome Back P2D!

Welcome back P2D!

Happy New Year!

I hope that everyone has had a great Christmas holiday.

Please make sure you have your PE kit in school and also a pair of indoor shoes.

There will be no reading home this week. Reading will begin next week.

I will be sending home tricky word sheets to work on at home and also ‘Learn-it’ addition sheets. These will both be in your child’s purple bag.

Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Davidson 🙂


What we have been learning in P2D this week? (Week beginning 11.12.17)


We have been reading the story ‘Something Else’ by Chris Riddell.

Who were the main characters? Where is the story set? Share with a parent/carer.


We are continuing to work on identifying words which rhyme.

Can you think of real or nonsense words which rhyme with the words below?:

dog                                                   cat                                           boat


We have been halving even numbers in class this week.

half of 16 =8

half of 20= 10

Use objects at home to find half of a number.

This week we have enjoyed:

  • Our ‘Marble Jar Treat’.
  • Performing our Christmas Choir
  • Making tortilla wrap pizza with a learning partner

A big farewell to Miss Dickson who has been working with us for the past 6 weeks. We wish her all the best in her career as a teacher.



What have we been learning in P2D this week? (Week beginning 4.12.17)


This was the last week of reading coming home. We will work on reading a class text in class next week.


We were continuing to revise all magic ‘e’ sounds and compound words. We also were identifying rhyming words in poems and continuing our own poem.


  • We were identifying a half and quarter of a shape making sure each part was equal.
  • We were counting in steps of 2, 5 and 10.
  • We were identifying numbers which are multiples of 10. (10, 20, 30 etc)


  • We can recognise the planets in our solar system.
  • We have been singing each day in preparation for our Christmas Choir
  • Mrs Ritchie came to our class to teach us all about astronauts and Space.
  • We can talk about different Religions in the World and recognise different religious symbols.

We enjoyed:

  • Talking about what we might eat for Christmas Dinner!
  • Writing a poem

Next week we want to:

  • Make and eat our own pizzas linked to our maths topic!
  • Make decorations for our class Christmas Tree.


What have we been learning in P2D this week- Week beginning 27.11.17

Reading & Literacy

Please read a little each day with your child. Can your child spot any compound words? rain + coat = raincoat / sun + flower = sunflower.

Write down any compound words you spot in your reading book or other texts at home and bring these into class to share.

We are continuing to revise all magic ‘e’ sounds in class.

Reading will come home next week for the last time before the Christmas break. 


We are learning all about venn and carroll diagrams in class.

Here is a link you can try at home:


We are also counting backwards in steps of 10 and 5.



  • We have been learning all about ‘night and day’ and we have created posters in cooperative teams.
  • We have been learning all about jobs on a pirate ship. Which job would you like to do?
  • We have had a great time celebrating ‘Book Week’. We shared some examples of our favourite stories. We enjoyed have a Librarian and Story Teller visit our classroom.
  • We took part in a Conga to celebrate St Andrew’s Day. We learned all about why we celebrate St Andrew’s Day too.

We enjoyed:

  • Baking shortbread to celebrate St Andrew’s Day
  • Dropping Everything and Reading (DEAR time)
  • Having P4 reading buddies visit our classroom
  • Writing about the daily life of a pirate.

Next week we would like to:

  • Learn all about Space- Mrs Ritchie will visit our room to share her knowledge!
  • Begin to learn all about poetry.
  • Retell the Christmas Story
  • Continue our Advent Calendar!