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Nursery Parent Consultations

All morning pre-school children will have a parent consultation in March. All deferral children will have a ‘Cuppa Chat’ in May.

Miss Davidson’s appointments will go live via the online book system on Friday at 6.30pm. Any issues then please see the school office.

If you are in Ms Graham’s red group then please sign up to a time on the sheet at the entrance to the nursery. Ms Graham will be seeing parents on a Friday afternoon.

Afternoon pre-school children will have an appointment with Miss Davidson. Please chat to me to organise a time during the nursery day.

Parent Consultations

Hello everyone,

Pre-school children will book an appointment with Miss Davidson on the online booking system. This goes live next week. Ms Graham’s key group will have a parent consultation on a different date. Please chat to Ms Graham about this. She will put up a sign up sheet in the nursery so you can book a time which is suitable.

Any pre-school children who are being deferred will not have a parent consultation in March. Instead, Miss Davidson will have a ‘Cuppa chat’ with you next term.

Many thanks for your support,

Miss Davidson

A little reminder…

Just a little reminder that we share all information on our Weekly Newsletter which is posted on this blog each Friday. We try to add any extra information or reminders as individual posts during the week if needed. We also use the notice board with urgent information.

Many thanks for taking the time to check each week.

As detailed in our weekly newsletter I have posted a ‘Stay and Play’ sign-up sheet on the notice board. Feel free to pop your name on the sheet. We look forward to seeing parents/carers in our setting.

Afternoon Woodland Learning (Change)

Due to the weather today (18th February), Group One of the afternoon session has been cancelled for their woodland learning walk. We have changed Group One to Tuesday 17th March. All other groups will take part on the date planned for. (See nursery notice board).

If the weather continues to be unfavourable then we will make a new schedule for Thursday afternoons. We will update you further if needed.

Many thanks,

The Nursery Team

Forest Learning Reminder

Welcome back everyone!

Just a little reminder that Forest Learning will begin tomorrow for everyone in the morning session and groups of 10 children in the afternoon. (Group lists are on the notice board for the afternoon session.)

Please come prepared for rain!

Many thanks for your support with this,

The Nursery Team

Forest Learning Information

Hello everyone,

We will be beginning our Forest Learning sessions after the February break.

All of the children in the morning session will take part for all four weeks (Tuesdays).

The afternoon session has been split into four groups. These groups are listed on the newsboard at the entrance to our nursery. Your child will take part for one week. The groups are listed with the date. (Tuesdays)

We are still looking for parent helpers for a few dates for the afternoon session. Please see the sign up sheet in nursery.

Please can your child come prepared each Tuesday after the February break.

Many thanks for your support with this,

The Nursery Team