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P5H – 22.3.19

This week we did our blog with Mrs Martindale


Last week, we made our writing plan for writing the news report on Mary Queen of Scots’ Execution. This week we have finished writing the report based on the plan we made. We also did self-evaluations for our writing. From the self-evaluations, we learnt what we need to do to improve our news report.

We wrote some direct speech to add into our news report. This was to help our news report be more reliable.

This is our third literacy circle week.  We continued to practice being a “predictor” when we read.

We have also learnt about how to use apostrophes to show something belongs to someone. We reviewed our knowledge on how to use apostrophes for contraction.


We continued our learning for perimeter and area.  We learnt to use the formula P=2L+2W to calculate the perimeter of squares and rectangles. We also discovered the links between perimeter and area. We discovered that you can have shapes with same perimeters different areas, and shapes with same areas can have different perimeters.

We have continued to practice our division skills. The 3 chilli and 2 chilli group have been learning about short division. 1 chilli group have learnt to do division with remainders.

We have started a new maths topic on Patterns this week. We found out what pattern means.  We know there are different types of patterns, such as shape patterns, number patterns and letter patterns. We know that a pattern is formed by a certain rule.


This week, we have written our news report linked with our topic on Mary Queen of Scots.

In French, we have revised the words for the different titles of the family members.

In German, we have practiced the pronunciation of different fruit and vegetables. We also played card games and iPad games to reinforce our German vocabulary.

In Mandarin, we made up our own booklet for the names of different fruit and vegetables.

We watched the P2 Easter show rehearsal, and we all think they have done an amazing job!

On Thursday afternoon, we had our first lesson on Coding, and we practiced breaking the code and finding the secret messages sent from Mrs. Martindale. We hope to continue our learning on the topic of “coding”.

We have learnt to use Leuven Scale to assess our energy level and concentration level during the day.  We have learnt how to recharge our batteries when we are feeling low.  We have made our leaflets with information to help people to recharge their batteries.  We practiced our Sid-Shuffle dance to be active and regain our energy.

We have also designed our poster for the fundraising event for sick kids’ hospital.

P5 fundraising for Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity (Sick Kids)


In P5 we are going to be doing a toy sale to raise money for the Sick Kids Hospital (Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity). It is going to be on Thursday 4th April in school near the P5 classrooms.

If you have one or two toys that you would like to donate can you please bring them in next week and by Monday 1st of April at the latest.

Please don’t bring in toys that you want to keep, you can bring in toys that you don’t play with any more or that have been sitting in your cupboard. It might be a good time to have a spring clean!

Please put any toys you bring in on the table in the P5 library.

Some examples of toys we would like are


Action figures or Barbies

Soft toys


Baby toys so you can buy them for younger brother and sisters

Board games

Loom bands



Can you please make sure the toys are clean and good quality.


P5H and P5HW

P5H Tudor Houses

In class we have been learning about Tudor houses.

We made a presentation to share what we have learnt about Tudor houses using an app called BaiBoard3. We could add pictures, text and draw lines and shapes to help us share our learning. Enjoy looking at some below!

(A note from Mrs Haynes – I am sorry but I can’t seem to get the names of the pupils who made each presentation to come up, enjoy looking through them, I am sure your child can spot their presentation!)

BaiBoard_2019-02-27-10-35-22 BaiBoard_2019-02-27-10-39-35 BaiBoard_2019-02-27-10-41-54 BaiBoard_2019-02-27-10-42-10 BaiBoard_2019-02-27-10-45-08 BaiBoard_2019-02-27-10-45-17 BaiBoard_2019-02-27-10-47-21 BaiBoard_2019-02-27-10-49-50 BaiBoard_2019-02-27-10-58-12 BaiBoard_2019-02-27-11-05-59 BaiBoard_2019-02-27-11-07-22 BaiBoard_2019-02-27-11-09-45 BaiBoard_2019-02-27-11-12-40

P5H – 15/3/19

Here is what we have been up to this week:


In writing we planned our Mary Queen of Scots newspaper article. We had to make sure that we had a strapline, paragraphs, a headline and a conclusion planned.We had to think about how improtant the information was and put the most important at the top of the pyramid with the additional information at the bottom. We had to include the 5Ws and 1H.

We created our own Leuven Scale, it shows how we feel using a scale of extremely high to extremely low.

We did our second week of literature circles, we had to look at last weeks predictor predictions were right, some of them were and some hadn’t happened but they could still happen before the end of the book.


We have been looking more at division.

Three chilli and two chilli have been learning about short division. We have to be careful to set it out correctly. We had to make sure that if the remainder was the same or bigger than the number you were dividing by you could add an extra one in.

Here is a Youtube link to show how we do it

We were also learning about the Perimiter of shape. On squared paper you count 1cm for the edge of each box. In two chilli the challenge was to try and make a shape that had the same area as the perimiter of the square. We went outside to measure the edges of squares and rectangles.


In French we are learning about families. We are learning to say sister, grandad etc in French and then make a family tree.

In German we have started learning about fruit. We learnt how to say them and then play a game to see if we could match them to the word. Some of them are similar to English but some are very different like, die Ananas (ask your child what it means!).

We learnt how to say fruit in Mandarin too.

We learnt about what happened to Mary Queen of Scots before she was executed. She went to six castles.

Some people from Herriot Watt University Chemical Engineering department came to visit us. They showed us some experiments which mixed different liquids – water, oil and food colouring- and added a vitamin C tablet to watch what happened. We also found out which foods sink and float!

Mrs Haynes got given a Mr Orangutan for our classroom tree.

Blog – 8.3.19

Reflective Friday 8th March 2019 – p5HW



We have been learning division – some people did “bus stop” strategy, and some did “hangman” strategy. We used times tables to help! Some people did stations (eg 72 divided by 9 = 8).

We also worked a bit on bus timetables.


We wrote space stories for the 500 words competition. We voted for the best at each table, then Mrs W chose three from those winners to go forward to the Second Level competition.

Someone in our class won the Design a Favourite Book Cover Competition!

We learned a spelling rule this week: if a word ends in -y, take it off and add -ies. However, if the letter before y is a vowel, simply add s.



Tudor houses – each higher floor juts out further to create more space. It’s called a jetty.

Poor people had thatched roofs, while rich people had tiles. Wattle and daub was used to fill in wooden frames – it’s made from straw, hay, horse hair, and animal droppings!


P5H – 8/3/19

Here is what we have been up to this week:


In Literacy Circles we got a new job called predictor. The predictor has to guess what is going to happen next in the book and have evidence to back up their ideas.

We wrote some space stories to enter a competition for World Book Day. We could only enter three stories which the class had to help choose. We narrowed it down to 5 and then Mrs Haynes got someone to help her choose the final three. We all got to make up our own stories, the only thing that we had to include was that it was space themed and about the moon. We had to write 500 words or less to enter.  Katie, Darcy and Gregor’s stories were chosen.

We learnt about newspapers and wrote our own Headline, strapline and then the first sentence of a piece of news about deforestation.

We went to the book fair to buy some books and went to P2 to read our favourite books on World Book Day.


We did some division this week. The three chilli group started to look at dividing three digits using short division. Two chilli were looking at remainders and one chilli were linking times tables and division.

We did our beat-thats on Friday. It was WAY easier because we are getting better at our times tables.

We learnt some more about area. We found out that you can get 1/2 a cm2 and we learnt about estimating area by looking at how much of a cm2 is covered. We started to learn that you can use your times tables to work out the area of a square or rectangle.


We learnt about Tudor clothing. We learnt about all the materials that they used. We drew our own designs and then use pieces of material to make it look real.

In German we learnt to have a conversation about asking someones age. I French we were learning how to start a conversation.

In ICT we made our own spreadsheet in Excel with formulae for a budget for a party. We looked online to find things to put in.

We learnt about Lord Darnley’s death. People plotted to kill him in an explosion but he escaped and someone stabbed him with a dagger.

P5H – 1/3/19

Here is what we have been up to this week:


We got our new reading books for Literature Circles – remember reading is due for Monday each week.

We learnt about words to show emotion in news articles with Mrs Martindale. We had to read through a piece of news about deforestation and try and find words that showed emotion in it.

The P3s had written stories for us and they came and told them on Monday! They were great stories.


We learnt some more about time durations. This week we looked at a timetable for a train. We had to try and figure out how long the train journey would be.

We began to learn about area. Area is the space that a shape takes up. We made up our own shapes which had to have a certain amount of cm2 in them. We also had to try and draw outlines of shapes with a certain area, this was a bit harder.

Some home learning we can do on a bit of squared paper

Draw some shapes with the following areas;





25 1/2 cm2


On Monay we learnt about how David Rizzio got stabbed 56 times and thrown down some stairs! Lord Darnely was part of the plot for this. A crime scene appeared outside the classroom to help us solve this.

We made health passports to share how we are going how are we are going to be active and healthy.

We went on a trip to HOLYROOD PALACE! When we arrived we looked outside and discovered that one side is older than the other. We found out that the stone structure outside was a replica of one at Linlithgow Palace. Next we went on a tour of the inside of the palace, it was very ‘polished’ and old but nice. We liked seeing the room where Rizzio died and Mary’s bedroom with the secret stairway.

After this we Fergus and Rebecca got dressed up as Mary Queen of Scots and Lord Darnley! The clothes were quite tight.

P5H – 22/2/19

Here is what we have been up to this week:


We wrote a report on Generation Science from earlier in the week. We had to use scientific words to help us.

In spelling we had to change a word ending in y to a plural. If the second last letter was a vowel then we just had to add an s onto it, if the second last letter was a consonant then we have to change the y to a i and add es.

We finished our books in literacy circles! We will get new ones next week.


We learnt about time intervals with Mrs Martindale. We had to use different methods to find out the time between two times or to find out when something finished. We also looked at timetables for busses and trains.

Some home learning for maths is to look at timetables and calculate durations of different things e.g. tv shows, busses or trains. Remember to write any highlights in the homework highlights book.

We did our daily10, next week all groups are going to start dividing so start to practise at home.

We made our own maths board games to show what we know about times tables.


We used excel to add up money to help us understand the purpose of excel. Someone wanted to go to the sweet shop and we had to type in a formula to work out how to get 14 sweets for £10.

We have been learning about Lord Darnley. He get married to Mary but it wasn’t a happy marriage. He was a very vain man.

In PE we were on the apparatus for gymnastics.

P5 Generation Science – Good Vibrations

This afternoon P5 had Generation Science in to visit us to teach us all about sound and sound vibrations.

We discovered that everything is made up of particles, and for sound to move it needs to pass through the particles by bumping into each other. Sound can travel through gas, liquids or solids and it travels fastest through solids.

We also found out that higher pitched notes have waves that vibrate quicker than low pitched notes.

Even notes that we can’t hear still make sound vibrations.

Bigger vibrations make noises that are louder. E.g. hitting a drum harder.

The reason a guitar has a hole in the middle is so that the sound vibrations can be amplified by air in the box.

We recorded our own song using digital technology.