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Reflective Friday!


This week in Literacy we have been learning to:

  • Create a WW2 pen pal character
  • Write a movie review on Boy in Striped Pyjamas



We have been learning to:

  • Long division
  • How to show data analysis
  • How to work out the mean


Other circular  

We have been learning:

  • We created some Japanese cherry blossom art
  • VE Day
  • High jump in PE
  • Badminton skills


Here are our tricky words for this week:














Reflective Friday!

This week we have been learning about…


We were practising the use of were, where and we’re.

After learning about The Blitz this week we looked at some poems and created some of our own.

Our tricky spelling words this week were:













We were learning about probability this week.

  • There is an even chance that I will get heads if I toss a coin / or 50% chance
  • There is a 1/6 chance that I will get a 4 when I roll a dice and so the probability is unlikely

We also practised some more of our long multiplication using tricky word problems.

Other curricular areas

We were learning all about The Blitz this week for our WW2 topic.  Did you know blitz means lightening in German?

We were learning more about German food and drink this week. Ich trinke gern orangensaft!

Our Anderson Shelter is starting to come together and we can’t wait to finish it!

Enjoy your weekend!

Reflecting on our week in P7R…

It’s been a busy week in Primary 7!


We created some imaginative stories this week using the moon landing as a stimulus – it will be 50 years this year since Neil Armstrong and his crew landed on the moon.

We had some tricky spelling words this week, if you would like to practise at home, here they are:












This week we were practising long multiplication.  Next week we will apply our knowledge to word problems.

Other curricular areas 

Our Anderson Shelter is starting to come together nicely. We have been working in groups on different parts of it.

We were learning about food names in German.  Anyone want some schokolade? 😛

Have a good weekend!

P7R 🙂



Reflecting on our learning this week…


This week in P7R we have been looking at Anne Frank’s diary and using it as inspiration to create our own fictional diary extracts from WW2.

We have had some engaging conversations in our literature circle groups and have been developing our questioning skills.


Money money money! We have been talking about wages, salary, commission and overtime/time and a half and how people can be paid in the world of work.

Other curricular areas

Using role play, we looked at the role of women during WW2 and created some of our own propaganda posters.

We used shading to create some effective portraits of the main leaders during WW2.

We hope everyone has a good weekend!


A busy week in P7R…


We have started our new class novel ‘When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit’ and have used our questioning skills to predict what might happen.

Last week we learning how to write an investigative scientific report and this week we used our new knowledge to write a report for a different experiment.  We liked predicting our own hypothesis.

Things to do at home…

  • Can you think of an experiment and write it up using: Aim, Method, Results and Conclusion? Don’t forget your Hypothesis!


This week has been all about money, budgeting and comparing costs. We’ve looked at food and travel.

We looked at exchange rates for currency around the world and converted to and from pounds.

Other curricular areas

We are really enjoying our WW2 topic and have created our own bank of questions we hope to answer throughout our learning journey.

This week we have been looking at the main leaders during WW2 and how and why it all began.

We are becoming experts at German greetings…

“Hallo, wie heißt du?”

Have a lovely weekend!

From everyone in P7R! 🙂



This week in P7R!

Happy New Year everyone!

We are very excited about 2019! Lots to come!

We have been very busy this week. We discussed our learning and created a mind map…


We looked at some commonly misspelt words in spelling this week, here they are for anyone who would like some extra practise…









Have a super weekend 🙂

Our learning this week in P7R!

This week in P7R we have been very busy!


We were learning about the techniques involved in writing horror/ghost stories and how to build suspense.

We thought about metaphors and similes in chapter 8 or Coraline.

We were thinking about how verbs may change their spelling according to which tense is being used (past, present and future).


We finished off learning about Area started estimating and measuring the volume of some items around the school.

Other curricular areas

Mix up Mondays! We were learning French, German and RME.

All of P7 have been getting very excited about our election campaign and we have been planning our pitch for next week.

We had a very interesting talk about non renewable energy.

We are now all professionals at the Gay Gordons and The Canadian Barn Dance and can’t wait for the Ceilidh next month!

Hope you have a lovely weekend!


Reflective Friday in P7R!!

We had a busy week in P7R! We will start off with mix-up Monday!


  • We did German in our class
  • Moved on to French in P7M
  • And finished with RME in P7F



  • We created poems about peace and how we want the world to be, for Remembrance Day.
  • We also had the book fair and did Literature Circles.

Thank you to the book fair assistants! You were great!


  • We measured things around the school to find out the area.

Across the curriculum

  • We did cellidh dancing
  • Did poppy art
  • We went to Liberton High School bringing back two trophies and winning best dress contest!
  • We did show and tell

Have a nice weekend!

This week in P7R!

Reflective Friday!

In literacy we have been doing

  • we created a parliament glossary
  • we worked on our prospectus for our dream school
  • we wrote a review of our pizza making trip to Boroughmuir High School
  • we read chapter 5 and 6 of Coraline and it’s getting exciting and spooky!


In numeracy we have been learning how to do long multiplications

Other curricular areas

  • in PE we have been doing cardio fitness
  • in art we have been doing repeat patterns taking inspiration from the Scottish parliament building
  • in music we have been doing sound effects on garage band

We hope everyone has a fantastic October holiday!

Reflective Friday in P7R!

In literacy this week in P7R we have been learning:

Parenthesis and we started our final draft of our dream school prospectus.

Numeracy in P7R we have been learning  about simplifying fractions.

Across the curriculum: we were learning about growth mindsets and fixed mindsets, mixup Mondays where we did French and German.

We made pizzas at Boroughmuir on Tuesday and Thursday.  We have almost completed our Scottish Parliament timelines. We have been practising our debating skills some more and in P.E we played invasive games.

Enjoy your weekend!