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P7 Show Costumes

Our Primary 7 Show is fast approaching and we have asked the children to think about what their costume could consist of.

As a year group we will discuss what the costumes could possibly be and how the children can create costumes from pieces found at home.  Guidance is also given at the start of the script booklet which every child was given at the start of rehearsals.

We would like to have costumes ready to use during our rehearsals next Monday. (3.6.19)

Individuals are responsible for supplying their own costumes.

Many thanks in advance!

P7 Team

P7 Sports Transition Trip to Meggetland 8.5.19

All three Primary 7 classes will be going on a Sports Transition Trip next Wednesday 8th May.  We will leave school at 09:30 by private coach organised by Boroughmuir.  After the event is finished, we will leave Meggetland at 12:30.  Since we will return to Buckstone Primary school after lunchtime, your child should bring a packed lunch with them that day.

Please return the consent form which your child was given today by Friday 3rd May as school is closed on Monday 6th and Tuesday 7th May.  The letter contains all necessary information.

Thank you,

P7 Team


Homework Grid WW2

Your child should have brought home a new home learning grid on Monday. There is also one attached to this post.

This will last for 4 weeks. Each Monday your child should bring in their jotter/any creations they have made/photos and show their class teacher.

We look forward to seeing more wonderful Home learning!


P7 team

P7 Homework Grid WW2 2

P7F Reflective Friday 8.319


We learnt about coding in order to practice and understand the caeser cipher wheel and morse code. We revised long division and multiplication. We used our memory skills to remember the steps and used subtracting and multiplying too. This week we used probability and the 5 possible stages. We used fractions to represent our answers. We found out how many possible options there are compared to how many chances there are.

For those of us involved in the Book Fair we have been using our money skills. We were rounding to the nearest pound and adding and subtracting amounts of money.

Next Step – To use larger numbers in long division and multiplication.


This week we wrote a letter pretending we were a WW2 evacuee writing to our family. We also used our reading skills to follow instructions on how to make a gas mask.

Then we read chapter 8 of When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit. We looked at adjectives to describe Anna’s feelings. Also we thought about which life Anna preferred – her life in Germany or Switzerland.

For spelling we were given a list of tricky words and we learned how to spell them and how to put them in context within our writing.

Next Step – our next step is to read chapter 9 of When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit and to continue to study this novel.


Anderson Shelter – for the past few weeks we have been working on making an Anderson Shelter. First we designed it and now we are nearly finished building it. The skills we have been using are: teamwork, co-operation and listening.

Blitz/Evacuation-this week we have been learning about the Blitz. We started to write a letter home to parents (we are writing as if we are children who have been evacuated)

Next Steps – we are going to type up our stories and use tea bags to give an antique effect.

Have a lovely weekend!



P7M Weekly Blog 1.3.19


  • We have been learning how to use our research notes to write evacuee letters, putting ourselves in the shoes of an evacuee during WWII.
  • We used skimming and scanning skills to answer questions about Alan Turing and breaking the Enigma code.


  • we have been learning to show our working out in the Distance, Speed and Time assessment.
  • We learned how to use Morse Code to send secret messages.
  • We used our multiplication and division skills to problem solve fraction questions.

Health & Wellbeing:

  • We discussed how to fit more physical activity into our day, even small amounts.
  • We decided to support our Buddies in P2M to teach them playground games which will help them play co-operatively.

Social Studies:

  • We planned the design and construction of our Anderson Shelter based on real life jobs such as
    • Architects
    • Exterior/Interior Designers
    • Painters
    • Resource Managers
    • Risk Assessors
    • Construction Team

We are so proud of our Primary 7 representatives at the Rotary Quiz on coming 2nd place, just being pipped at the post by 2 points.

Next week, we are looking forward to teaching P2M playground games and buddy reading with our Buddies on World Book Day on Thursday.

Have a wonderful weekend!


P7F Reflective Friday 22.2.19


In Numeracy we have been learning about distance, speed and time by using different formulas and strategies to calculate the answer. Our class have also been working on long division. We have used our knowledge of D, T and S to find the fastest way to evacuate London.


This week we are continuing to read when Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit. For the task we wrote a summary and 5 open questions then swapped with a partner. We had to make sure our answers were detailed. We made questions using Blooms Taxonomy for an RAF pilot. Blooms Taxonomy helps us to make better questions with good openers. Example – What is the difference between the RAF now and in WW2?

Next Step – we will continue to use our Literacy skills to learn about WW2.


In WW2 we learned about evacuation. We started making power points and prove it sheets. We used researching and note taking along with skimming and scanning to improve our prove its. We learned that not just children were evacuated.


P7F Reflective Friday 8.2.19


We moved on to look at Distance, Speed and Time this week. We became familiar with formulas and tried to understand how Distance, Speed and Time relate to one another.

Next Step – use larger numbers when calculating. Maybe even including decimal numbers.


We wrote imaginatively (newspaper articles, stories, diary entries)about when Neville Chamberlain made his famous speech. We practised our planning skills during this process too.

Next Step – to ensure we begin our sentences in a variety of ways.


We designed our own Ration Book this week and became familiar with how these were used during WW2 and beyond.

We researched and designed Anderson Shelters too. These will lead to us creating a larger scale model as a year group.

Next steps – to learn more about evacuation during WW2.

Have a wonderful February break!


P7F Reflective Friday 1.2.19


As a class we are challenging ourselves with our Ultimate Times Table Challenges. Each week we are improving on our times/scores.

We have been budgeting for our trip to Paris. Making sure that our amount are realistic and that we have enough spending money. We were adding and subtracting money amounts. These amounts all had decimal points. We then converted our spending money from GBP to Euros. To do this we multiplied the amount we had saved by the exchange rate. We practised our multiplication of up to 3 digit numbers. Ms Mullerova helped us with this.

Next Step – To move on our knowledge of currency we will practise using real life situations.


We are still enjoying “When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit”. We have been studying this and discussing the story line. We used a number of tasks to help us study this novel. Some of us worked in groups for this.

Miss Fotheringham was very impressed with our discussions during Literature Circles today.  Remember to do your reading homework each week so that you can join in on these discussions.

Grammar – we are reinforcing how to use apostrophes in the correct way. This is important for when we are older and are filling in job applications and writing essays in high school!

Next Step – we would like to write about a child from the 1940’s. We will use inspiration from Anne Frank and “When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit”.


This week our focus has been womens’ role in WW2. As part of this topic we have created Propaganda posters. We used our team work skills as well as our research skills to find out what these were.

Also we have been budding artists and have used line and shading to create portraits of well known leaders from the 1940’s. For example – Winston Churchill, Adolf Hitler. Next we will move on to find out who all these people are.

Next step – we are moving on to learn about evacuation during WW2.

Please find attached the current Homework Grid. This is due on the Monday 25th February. P7 Homework Grid – WWII based