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Buckstone Buzz

The Euros are starting!

Here are Mrs Imrie, Mrs Conlin, Miss Martin and Mr Campbell practising their skills…

Tremendous Thursday – 11.03.21

Fun Friday – 12.03.21

It’s Friday! It’s the last day before we are all together again! We are so excited to see everyone together in the school building on Monday!

As always, Mrs Imrie, Mrs Conlin, Miss Martin and Mr Campbell have dressed up. In Assembly you heard what we were promoting…The Race for Life!

Can you work out what word we are spelling out here…

Before we are all together again we thought it would be nice to have a Spring Trail…have a look at what you can do if you would like to take part.

Have a super weekend and look forward to seeing you all back on Monday!!

Tremendous Thursday – 11.03.21

Good morning! The end is in sight…only today and tomorrow left of Learning Together at Home. We know this has been a challenging and difficult time for a lot of people…this is okay, you are not alone! It is important to continue to discuss the return to school for your child if they are not already back. See how they are feeling and what there worries are (if any!). You, as parents, may have worries too – talk to someone about them! Reach out to other parents to check in with them! We are all in this together – being kind and thinking of others goes a long way, especially just now.

Have a lovely day – remember…

Keep Calm and TALK!

Terrific Tuesday – 09.03.21

Good morning! The sun is shining! The mornings are getting lighter! It definitely does help your mood – spring is springing!

However, it is anxious time for a lot people just now especially anyone who is feeling a little worried about the return to school…how can you help your child cope?

Here are some ideas…

Remember it is okay to not be okay just now…everyone needs a little at times!

Have a lovely day!

Marvellous Monday – 08.03.21

Good morning! Hope you had a lovely weekend!

We have one week to go until we welcome everyone back to school. We are very much looking forward to this however know that some people may be feeling a little anxious about it – that is ok!

Here is a helpful guide created by NHS Grampian that may be useful with some of you at home. You yourself may be feeling worried about the return – that is okay too!

Fun Friday – 05.03.21

Hello! Hope everyone has a good week!

It’s Friday – and you know what that means…dress up!

Mrs Imrie, Mrs Conlin, Miss Martin and Mr Campbell have all dressed up as a book character…can you work out the book they are from?

It’s almost the weekend – why not have a look at this website for some family fun!

Tremendous Thursday – 04.03.21

HAPPY WORLD BOOK DAY! Hope everyone has had a great day and enjoyed all the activities on World Book Day! We loved the buzz in school all about books!

Why not have a look at the World Book Day website for more ideas you could continue at home. Have fun!

Wellbeing Wednesday – 03.03.21

Good morning!

It’s Wednesday! We are excited to hear that everyone will be returning on 15th March and look forward to seeing everyone back together again!

Times have been tough but lets hope with the knowledge that children will be back soon it is a little easier for everyone. Everyone has had different experiences of lockdown – adults and children! It is okay to think it has been challenging.

There are lots of great guides and tips to help your own wellbeing as well as your children’s at the Parent Club website. Remember, it is okay to not be okay – we are here if you need us!

Have a good Wednesday.

Terrific Tuesday – 02.03.21

Good morning! Hope everyone is having a nice day – doesn’t look quite as nice out there today! The weather does seem to brighten people’s moods up so remember, it is okay not to be okay. You are not alone.

We have found the SSPCA website interesting…you may wish to have a wee look at the Activity Packs for children still at home to try and to explore more about nature.


Marvellous Monday – 01.03.21

Hello! Happy March! It is starting to feel a lot like Spring…birds singing, the sun shining, longer days! What a difference it makes!

Most people are still working from home but it is still so important to remember home as home and to spend time as a family. Make plans for spending some quality family time together. It might be you go for a walk, have a chat over the dinner table, play a board game together or even exercise together in the garden when the sun is shining. There are lots of possibilities – what will you try to do as a family this week?


Fun Friday – 26.02.21

Today is Friday! You know what that means! Dress up!

Bet you are wondering why we are all dressed as chefs! Well, it is Personal Chef Day today! Why not give cooking or baking a try this weekend!? What would you make?

Have a super weekend when it comes – enjoy the sun!

Tremendous Thursday – 25.02.21

Good morning everyone! Apologies for the lack of post yesterday. Today, the sun is shining – it makes such a difference doesn’t it!

We know it is tough for some people- and please be reassured – you are not alone! Juggling work and learning from home (for some still) is difficult. We are here if you do need anything.

Why not try to go out and enjoy the sunshine (as we all know it might not last!). Going outside to get fresh air is so important – break up your child’s day when learning at home with a walk in the sun or why not take some learning outside?

Enjoy the sun – wrap up though…it is cold!

Terrific Tuesday – 23.02.21

Good morning! We hope everyone is settling into a potentially new routine with Nursery – P3 returning and P4 – P7 still Learning Together at Home. The children returning yesterday were absolutely amazing – well done everyone!

This potential change in some households may increase anxiety in some children. Here is some advice from World Health Organisation to help children cope in these uncertain/changing times.

Marvellous Monday – 22.02.21

It was so lovely to see the Nursery – P3 children back in school today. It really made our morning, seeing their smiling faces. We know this may have been hard in some households with some staying at home and others going to school. It is hard so please be kind to yourself.

Some children (and adults) at home may still be watching newsround as part of their Learning Together at Home or just to make sure they are keeping up with what is happening in the world. Why not try some the activities outlined in this grid? Might help everyone have a better understanding of the news.


Fun Friday – 19.02.21

Happy Friday! Hope everyone has had a lovely week.

It is Friday and you know what that means – dress up! SLT have decided to dress up in their sports gears today ready for this morning’s assembly! Are you going to take part at home? We are all training and getting ready for the Race for Life – not long to go!

We also have another Buckstone Quiz to share with you today! It’s important to get out and about just now – enjoy the fresh air. Thanks to Miss Forson who created the quiz.

Enjoy! Have a super weekend when it comes.

Tremendous Thursday – 18.02.21

Good afternoon – hope you’ve had a tremendous Thursday! Apologies for the later post.

It has been so lovely having the sun out and not feeling quite as cold – what a difference it makes.

We know that at this time children may be behind a screen for longer than normal and would encourage activities away from the screen when possible – sitting behind a screen is hard for anyone, we all need a screen break! Here are some ideas that you can give a try – 100 to be exact! Why not give some a bash.

Have fun!

Wellbeing Wednesday – 17.02.21

Good morning and happy Wednesday! We hope you have settled back into Learning Together at Home. We know the announcement yesterday would have been great news for some and daunting news for others – either returning to school or having another few weeks at Learning Together at Home. We will get through this together. Which is why being kind is even more important than ever just now!

NHS Lothian are holding a Random Acts of Kindness Day today and would love you to take part. Here is a video on what they would like you to do if you wish to take part – anyone can!

Here are outlines that you may wish to use to format anywork (as described in the video).

As it mentions in the video – any submissions can be sent to by Friday 12th March.

Have fun and remember – Be Kind to one another – it goes a long way!

Terrific Tuesday – 16.02.21

Good Morning and Welcome Back! We hope everyone had a lovely holiday and are ready to go!

We know the last few weeks have been a challenging time for a lot of people and the thought of continuing for some people will be difficult so please remember we are here if you need us. We will get through this together.

We have been loving the Dynamic Earth website recently and wanted to share this with you all. There are new focuses every day so please check it out.

Have a great Tuesday everyone!


Fun Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you had a great week! This half term has had it challenges and we would just like to thank all of you for all your support…we really appreciate it. We know for some it is not yet over but together we can do this!

For Fun Friday this week, take a look to see what Mrs Imrie, Mrs Conlin, Miss Martin and Mr Campbell are wearing! You may even get to see us wearing it at assembly too!

We know a lot of people enjoyed the quiz last week…so here is another one to enjoy as a family over the next week. Thank you to Mrs George for creating it.

We hope you all have a lovely holiday. Look forward to seeing everyone online on 16th February.

Tremendous Thursday – 04.02.21

Good Afternoon! Apologies for the delay… experiencing technical issues. Hope you are having a good Thursday and finding Children’s Mental Health Week useful. Today, we have a resource that will hopefully give you ideas of how to promote your wellbeing as a family. Simple things can make a big difference… especially now! Remember; Keep Calm and TALK.

Wellbeing Wednesday – 03.02.21

Good morning everyone, hope you have a good week so far. Apologies but we were experiencing some technical issues on the page yesterday hence why there was no post so there will be double today!

As stated on Monday, it is Children’s Health Week. It can be difficult to notice the varying emotions your child is experiencing, especially if your own emotions are a little different with all the changes in life just now. To help children, it is important that we try to spot any changes quickly so we can support them. Here are some tips on how to help your child if they are struggling during lockdown.

It is a difficult time for everyone so please be kind to yourself.

As it is of course Wellbeing Wednesday, Mrs Imrie, Mrs Conlin, Miss Martin and Mr Campbell have all been training for the Race for Life…

They look like their training is going well. What are you doing to train for the Race for Life?

Today, why not have a look at this clip

Lucy’s In Lockdown – CBeebies style reading – YouTubeWe are very proud to bring you this CBeebies style video of Lucy’s In Lockdown.Narrated by the amazingly talented Abigail Townson- Voice Over Artist & Actres…

with your child to help them see that it is okay not to be okay at times during lockdown and how we feel lots of different emotions just now. Chat to them about their feelings…what colour is their hair today?

Have a super Wednesday – remember Keep Calm and TALK!

Hear all the Buckstone Buzz here…daily updates every morning!!

Marvellous Monday

It is Monday…and it’s February! Hope you all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the quiz – were you able to find all the answers!?

This week is Children’s Mental Health Week and I think everyone will agree…this year is more important than ever to be mindful of how children (and adults) are feeling – the world is such a different place to this time last year!

On the Buckstone Buzz we will be focusing on Children’s Mental Health Week all week. We thought this would be a great place to start. Why not sit with your child/children and see how they are feeling today? See how they show their emotions and why they are feeling like that…it might be an idea for you to conduct the activity too to let them see that everyone feels differently and it is okay to feel lots of different emotions for lots of different reasons. It is so important to TALK! To your child/children about their emotions.

Would you notice when your child was feeling anxious about something? Everyone reacts to situations ins different ways but this may be helpful to help you spot/explain certain behaviours.



Have a great Monday!

Remember…Keep Calm and TALK!

Fun Friday – 29.01.21

Hope you are all having a fun Friday! We loved seeing lots of people make it to assembly – it was so nice us being together again. Sorry if you experienced technical difficulties.

As always, Fun Friday means some dressing up! To mark the end of Scottish Week SLT have worn blue today…

Some fun to end the week…a quiz! If you are out for a family walk …why not take part? No peeking at the answers! Thanks to Mrs Shaw who created the quiz.

Have a great weekend!

Tremendous Thursday – 28.01.21

Good morning everyone! Hope you are enjoying your Thursday!

Please keep uploading any Scottish Week photos and we can’t wait to see the 500 word competition entries! We know lots of classes have been doing lots of fun activities all related to Scotland.

How about having a wee look at this.

You can download an issue of a newspaper for free.

Have a great day!


Wellbeing Wednesday

Hello! Sorry for the delay! Hope you are all having a nice Wednesday! Today, we are thinking about what we do to relax!

Mrs Imrie enjoys reading a book to relax.

Mrs Conlin finds watching series on her ipad relaxing.

Miss Martin relaxes by listening to music.

Mr Campbell plays his guitar to relax.

What do you do to relax? It is so important to relax, especially just now! Take time to yourself and just enjoy what you like doing to relax!

Keep calm and relax!


Terrific Tuesday

Hello! Hope everyone is having a good week so far and enjoyed any Scottish related activities they are up to! We have already had some great photos for our whole school film – keep them coming if you can!

If you want more Scottish related activities to try then take a look here.

What’s your favourite Scottish word? Have a chat at the dinner table later or when having lunch about why it is a favourite work.

Have a great day everyone!

Magnificent Monday – 25.01.21

Good morning everyone! Hope you had a nice and relaxing weekend.

As you will know (and if maybe guessed from the assembly) today is Burns’ Day/Night. Did you work out what Miss Croal was playing? It was “A red, red rose” by Rabbie Burns. It was beautiful, wasn’t it!

Mrs Imrie, Mrs Conlin, Miss Martin and Mr Cambell all have our tartan on today to celebrate Rabbie Burns!



It is the start of Scottish Week in school this week. We hope you enjoy the Scottish related activities. Here are some things you might also like to look at – get you thinking about Scotland!

Remember, we have the 500 word competition starting today – see email and Teams/blogs for detail.

Have a guid day!

Magnificent Monday

The Buckstone Buzz page is back! Although we would much prefer to see all the children back at school in the classroom, we are looking forward to beginning our Learning Together at Home today. We know these times can be difficult for some families and want to reassure you that we are here for everyone.

Please do what you can and do what suits you, your family and your home situation. We are sure everyone’s resilience, kindness and determination will get us through.

Our usual start to the day is greeting everyone at the gate. We are already missing seeing everyone’s cheery faces…so here are Mrs Imrie, Mrs Conlin, Miss Martin and Mr Campbell waving to you at the beginning of today! Have a magnificent Monday!

Tremendous Tuesday

Good morning! Hope you had a great first day of Learning Together at Home. We know some people were experiencing technical issues and thank you for your patience. We will get there together!

BBC are offering learning on CBBC so thought we would share this week’s with you…

Have a tremendous Tuesday!

Wellbeing Wednesday

Good morning everyone! Hope you are doing well.

It is now more important than ever to make sure we take care of ourselves! We need to ensure we doing okay and need to remember that it is okay to not be okay! The world is not how it used to be, the normal is no longer normal.

At times we might feel happy, other times sad. This is okay! However it is impaortant to talk to someone. Try to find the time today to talk! Tell someone how you are feeling and why. Take some “me time”…watch a film, draw a picture, play a board game as a family or even just sit down and enjoy the quiet (if that is ever possible at home just now!)!

Please see a resource from the local authority on ways to look after everyone at home during this tough time.

Be kind to yourself!

Terrific Thursday

Apologises for the later post…hope you are having a nice day!

As everyone will know, reading is vital in a child’s life. Try to read every day at home – whether that is the child reading on their own or someone reading to/with them. Here are some handy tips for reading at home.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Fun Friday

We have all made it to the end of the first week of Learning Together at Home. Well done! We made it! We thank you all for your support and understanding.

You will be glad to know that our usual Friday Fun dress up will continue! Today is a very fitting theme – Winter Woollies! We all look very cosy and ready for what the weather might bring. Please enjoy the weekend, take time to relax and enjoy some family time if you can.


Magnificent Monday

Happy Monday! Hope you have had a restful weekend!

We are now in Week 2 of Learning Together at Home. We know there were many challenges (and rewards!) from last week. We know that routines are so important for all children and replicating some form of routine/structure may help your day. Here is a lank timetable. You may wish to sit with your child/children and discuss how their day will look. This may help everyone at home establish what they need to do and when, hopefully making life a little easier.

Hope you have a super Monday.

Terrific TuesdayHope everyone is having a nice morning! Listening to music is a great way to connect, think about how you are feeling, can be so relaxing and just make you feel good! Today, why not create a playlist that all of the family can listen to during this uncertain time? You might want to include favourites, songs that remind you of people, happy songs, sad songs and songs that make you dance! Share it with family and friends if you can. Enjoy!

Wellbeing Wednesday

It is important to try to think positively during difficult times.

“If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely” – Roald Dahl

We couldn’t agree more! This week Mrs Imrie, Mrs Conlin, Miss Martin and Mr Campbell have all been thinking positively – can you tell! We had a think about our highlights of this term so far have been:

Mrs Imrie’s highlights – “the school community coming together and digging deep again for Learning Together at Home, sharing learning with children – Mrs Imrie is looking forward to more and having a bit more time at home with family!”

Mrs Conlin’s highlight – “the landscape when covered in newly fallen snow…a real winter.” I bet Mrs Conlin was happy this morning!

Miss Martin’s highlight – “working with some children on Teams and hearing/seeing how they are getting on – was so lovely seeing them! Can’t wait to work with more pupils soon.”

Mr Campbell’s highlights – “the positive responses from the School Community towards Virtual Race for Life Event including likes and comments from children on Teams and the positive way in which the class has engaged with Teams, writing posts, asking questions, joining in meetings and sharing work.”

Have a fantastic Wednesday – remember think positively, it makes you look lovely!

Terrific Thursday

Hello! Hope your day is going well. We hope you have managed to settle into some form of routine that works for all the family. Remember, one size does not fit all – do what works for you and the rest of the family!

As you know, learning happens throughout the day for children. Everyday tasks that you don’t think twice about is learning for children. Here are some Maths activities that may get you thinking about how learning links to every day life! You are doing so much all the time! The booklet is very big…please don’t let that put you off. Just even focus on the everyday learning!

Fun Friday

Happy Friday everyone! We made it through the second week of Learning Together at Home! Well done!

As always, Mrs Imrie, Mrs Conlin, Miss Martin and Mr Campbell have dressed up today! Have a look to see what we are wearing!

Have a super weekend!

Stay at home activities to try!

Whilst we are back to learning together at home for the week, why not try some of these fun activities…

  • Rock art can be fun for all ages – you could design your own and then, once you can go back in the community, you could hide them for others to find and swap with their own!
* Father’s Day is only a couple of weeks away, why not have a go at making a pop up card?
* Why not find some natural materials outside and create some pictures or artwork using them. You could make pictures or patterns.
* Paint and bubbles make the perfect flower for you to create beautiful artwork with, simple but effective!
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