Senior Leadership Team Update

We hope you have all enjoyed looking through staff fun photos on School News, all the staff have managed to have fun and family time as well as keeping your learning engaging. Thank you everyone.

Also a big thank you to parents who have been supporting with learning, this has been challenging times and the staff at Buckstone appreciate your support. Staff would also like to wish you all a lovely Easter break, we have some activities on the blogs and below for those of you who wish to engage but please just take some time to relax and enjoy making family memories.

Good morning Buckstone and happy Friday! The Easter holidays are here!! Have fun and enjoy spending time with your loved ones. Mrs Imrie has a message for you all, click on the link below…….#watch this space for some fun photos later and some fun activities to try over the holidays.

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Available until 3 May 2020

Mrs Imrie is in The Hub today with Miss Collyns and Mrs McFarlane supervising all the wonderful learning your teachers are posting on class blogs and TEAMS.

Happy Thursday

Mrs Conlin has been getting back on her bike! Mr Conlin has been showing her to keep up her bike maintenance so she can now pump her own tyres!!! Well done Mrs Conlin we look forward to more pictures of you out in the countryside on the bike. Watch this space everyone!

After her bike ride Mrs Conlin relaxed in her lovely socks that was given to her by Miss Martin!! Looking good.

Wonderful Wednesday

Good morning Buckstone and happy April Fools Day!!

Mrs Haynes, Miss Forson and myself are all at the hub today, playing lots of pranks!!!

The Imrie family tried to keep as active as possible over the weekend, despite not being able to do our usual activities.

We enjoyed going for our daily walk/scoot and I tried a few online excercise classes. I also made a start learning to juggle!

Calum and I enjoyed making banana loaf together and as a family we watched a film as well as Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeway.

Terrific Tuesday

Good morning everyone! And it is going to be an amazing day today! Lots of pictures are being shared, great to see everyone’s learning and smiley faces.

Mrs Conlin is in The Hub today with staff, we hope you all have a great day!

Why not try out some of the resilience challenges. We are going to give them a go….. Watch this space for the pictures, coming soon!

Miss Martin was very busy at the weekend, sounds like lots of adventures with this little cutie!!

At the weekend Charlotte kept me busy! We enjoyed chasing each other around the house with balloons, playing with bubbles, waving to neighbours out the window (even if Charlotte was trying to escape!) and mastering how to fit the shapes into her shape sorter – success! Charlotte also tried new food at the weekend including baked beans but was not a fan! When on our walk of the day we visited the front at Portobello and also Arthur’s Seat. We liked listening to the waves and hearing the seagulls. Here are some of my photos from the weekend.

Marvellous Monday

Here are some whole school fitness activities for you all to try. We will let you know how we get on with them, thank you Miss Davidson.

Good morning Buckstone, we hop you had a fabulous weekend. Staff have virtually met this morning and some are in the Hub discussing learning and keeping in touch. We are working on a rota system at the Hub and todays volunteers are………..

This week the Senior Leadership wanted to do something different on the page so we are going to tell you how we have spent the weekend away from learning and work. Miss Martin – Tuesday

Mrs Imrie – Wednesday

Mrs Conlin – Thursday and me Mrs Henry today.

This weekend I have celebrated a Big Birthday! Well celebrations have been put on hold for now but I received lots of cards, flowers and good wishes from my friends and family who cheered me up. My favourite gift was my balloon from my daughter and her fiancé, Chris, I just love it!! I took my dogs for a walk (little ones) and my nephews dog for a walk, the borders have lots of beautiful walks in the countryside. I helped my elderly neighbour plant some bulbs in his garden. I did lots of things but was mindful to keep my distance, wash my hands and limit my time outdoors. Take a look at some of the pictures that made my weekend special.


Reading bingo activities as requested. Happy Reading……

The attached link is Mrs Imrie’s assembly message to everyone! Enjoy…….

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Mrs Imrie, Mrs Henry and Mrs Conlin are in Firrhill High School today for children whose both parents are keyworkers.

Some fun photos for Friday……OOPS Mrs Conlin you forgot to take a picture! But Mr Conlin looks good!!!

Enjoy your weekend everyone and we will be back on Monday morning. Posts from class teachers for home learning will be live at 12 noon.

Happy Weekend!!!!

Thirsty Thursday undefined

Remember to keep drinking water!

Mrs Imrie has been in touch with Cheryl at Fairmilehead Church and we’re going to try share children’s art work via the church newsletter. This week’s theme is ‘Hello from Buckstone PS’ – Children are invited to create a piece of art and then email in a picture to the admin team by Monday 30th March. The art work will be collated and included in the newsletter. Here are some fabulous ideas………..

Lego Challenge. Day 3: You have won the lottery, design and create your own house.

A reminder of some links…………..

Joe wicks – Body coach – 9am daily https://www.youtube.com/user/thebodycoach1

Fischy Music Assembly – 11am Monday https://www.youtube.com/user/Fischymusic

Stories https://stories.audible.com/start-listen

Please remember all home learning will be posted at 12 noon on blogs, this is what was agreed and communicated to parents and children. Thank you.


Happy Wonderful Wednesday to Everyone!

Good Morning, we hope everyone is keeping safe and well. We have been in touch with our wider community and we are looking to share some joy! Watch this space for information on how you can spread love and joy!


We thought we would provide you with a little quiz this morning. Can you guess who will be doing these things;

I need to prepare lessons for my little boy and make sure all the staff are well.

Guess Who made this?

I have been baking cakes for my two grown up boys as well as making sure the children in Nursery and P1 are provided with learning opportunities.

I have been busy making bottles and entertaining my little girl as well as making sure the children in P2, P3 and P4 have lots of fun activities to do at home.

I have been talking to my boy in Singapore and making sure my girl is well and safe as well as working with the teachers in P5, P6 and P7 – creating lots of learning.

Lego Challenge – Day 2; NASA needs you to build a rocket.

Reading Bingo for you to try at home, remember this is not to be done at once, a little bit a day!


Good Morning Children, Staff and Families, we hope your first day of learning together was successful. Mrs Henry is looking a little fuzzy as I was taking the picture and my teddy would not sit still!!!

P6 and P7 Teams are up and running and looking very productive, well done everyone! We hope everyone else is finding our daily updates and class teacher blogs helpful.

We have daily lego challenges for you to complete.

Day One; You are hired by an amusement park to create a new and exciting roller coaster! Take a picture, post it or email, we would love to see your inventions!undefined

Elevenses with The World of David Walliams, everyday at 11am you can listen to one of David Walliams’ World’s Worst Children Stories, so sit down, take a break and enjoy 20 minutes of fun! https:// http://www.worldofdavidwalliams.com/elevenses/– (copy and paste into browser)

BBC I-player link; https://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/latestnews/2020/iplayer-children 

NYCOS Creative Learning are posting their first in series of songs, musical games and activities that you can play without contact.

Good morning everyone. (Monday)

Good Morning Buckstone!

As the situation with COVID-19 is ever-changing, the staff at Buckstone Primary are working together to maintain continuity of learning for our children. 

We are at the very start of our journey of Learning Together at home and we understand that there is a huge amount of uncertainty at the moment. The staff team are doing their very best to provide learning at home, but you as parents know your child best. Please don’t put yourself or your child under pressure to complete tasks and feel free to adapt tasks to suit your own child.

We’re here to help – please email us or use or compliments and suggestions form if you would like to get in touch.

Below are some links to get you all started. Please copy and paste into your browser.

Joe wicks – Body coach – 9am daily https://www.youtube.com/user/thebodycoach1

Fischy Music Assembly – 11am Monday https://www.youtube.com/user/Fischymusic

Stories https://stories.audible.com/start-listen